Old Friends

05 Mar

I know I have said it before on this site a long, long time ago but some of my favourite people in the world are people that I have known forever.  People that I not only when to school with, but we went to pre-school and if they had them back a billion years ago, we would have been babies in the same baby group.

Today I caught up with a few of those favourite people, my lil-sis, a girl from my kinder class and an old neighbour along with their kids.  (The other 2 semi-regulars couldn’t join us today.)  We have been catching up on a semi regular basis for a while now, starting when boy-child was in kinder.  Originally it was just me with little kids and one other friend who had a school aged daughter.  Slowly the others have been playing catch up.

We used to meet in a cafe and lounge about eating our way through the day.  My guys were old enough to be entertained with books, conversations and of course food.  Then the next round of babies came along and my guys started school so spending a day in a cafe was still possible, we played pass the baby to allow each other to have snuggly baby cuddles.  The dynamics has changed yet again.  Those babies are now wild adventurous little kids so the concept of sitting in a cafe all day long is nothing but a fond memory.   The next additions to the group, my Lil Sis’s Billy, the younger brother of one of the wild guys and another younger sibling just waiting to be born.

Instead of endless hours sitting all cosy in a cafe, we met in a park that had a cafe on-site.  It was fun.  The kids were able to run and jump and climb and we were able to chat for hours, sipping lattes and chocolates.  It was strange, I had nothing to do other than sit there and enjoy the baby snuggles.  It made me realise just how much I had forgotten about being in charge of little kids.  The babies I remembered – the cuddles, the food, the struggle to stay awake as they fight off sleep.  The wild ones I had completely forgotten about.  The fact that a mum of young kids can’t ever sit down and relax, they are always aware of where their offspring are.  Monitoring their movements, watching them traverse the playground, keeping an eye on the interactions they have with other kids, ensuring there are no mad dashes for the lake or the road.  No hot drink is actually consumed whilst hot, no meal is ever savoured merely picked at in between mad dashes to rescue the wild one from one precarious situation or another.  Now, just thinking about how much work a mum of a little kid has to do is exhausting.  It makes me glad that I have moved past that crazy phase, only to have it replaced by a different and exhausting type of madness!  It is great catching up with old friends, to watch them survive the madness and make plans to catch up again soon, hopefully before the next round of babies in April and May.



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