Too Much To Do and So Little Time

28 Jan

The story of my life it seems.  I have been too busy to sit down for more than 3 seconds to update anything here.  In fact I have been so busy that I have even missed my Weekly Winners post for last week, or was that the week before.  I will attempt to play catch up if I can find my camera.  In the meantime some bullety goodness.

  • I think that the last time I posted I had just returned from the RSPCA with two little kittens so that may be one or should I say two reasons why I have been slack around here.  The kittens are adorable.  They lulled us in to a false sense of security at first being all snuggly and quiet.  That didn’t last too long.  As I speak the kittens are atop my reindeer that still doesn’t have a home, it seems that it is too large to fit into the ceiling space.  It appears to be their favourite place to play and fight so perhaps it will live in the kids lounge.  It is adorable and I would take photos if only I could find the camera!  They really aren’t too much work but they are time consuming because they are fun to play with and also because they seem to think that if my laptop is open it is a great place to play!
  • School holidays are a nightmare.  Trying to balance work, domesticity and kid entertainment is easier said than done.  I had intended to take this week off but as usual, a week off involves at least one day at work and lucky me, 2 days of work, one in the office and one from home.  The work keeps piling up here and at work and already it is almost at the stage that it is overwhelming.  I really need to get organised eventually and cut down on my workload.
  • Sleep deprivation.  I know that this is the bane of many a mothers existence but it is a relatively new pain for me.  Generally my monsters are decent sleepers – although currently I am lying outside the kids bedroom insisting that they sleep and unfortunately boy-child is winning this battle despite his loud yawns and mumbles.  Anyway, back to my sleep deprivation as opposed to his self inflicted tired grumpiness, I never make it through the night without at least one pee break.  Normally this isn’t an issue, I roll out of bed and stumble into the ensuite without opening my eyes or waking.  As the ensuite is totally kaput, I have to go downstairs to pee.  Now I don’t know about anyone else, but maneuvering stairs is something that I need to open my eyes for as I am quiet adept at falling down them when totally awake.  To make matters worse, the middle floor bathroom is now home to two crazy kittens.  Just entering the room makes a person compelled to give them cuddles, the cuddles make them want to play and before you know it you have forfeited sleep entirely.  The other option is to go down another flight of stairs to the powder room.  Whilst having no kittens to cuddle, the extra flight of stairs seems to wake me to the point of almost no return.  The entire process takes an entire minute longer yet I struggle to get back to sleep so I sit in bed willing myself asleep but it generally doesn’t work and I become more grumpy, dozing off just before wake up time.
  • In order to alleviate the sleep deprivations we are renovating, again.  I know that there are many out there who are perfectly capable of renovating a tiny bathroom in their sleep but unfortunately that is not me.  We did renovate 2 bathrooms quite successfully in our last house but it was extremely time consuming and time is clearly something I have little of at the moment.  Our old builder has come to our rescue and has started work on the place.  I am really glad that he is here because he has found some serious structural issues that we couldn’t have fixed.  In fact there are so many issues that it really deserves a post all of its own at some stage soon.  At the moment, the ensuite has been gutted and the walls relined with cement sheeting ready for plumbing works to begin.
  • Unplanned and now rushed renovations has led to shopping for bathroom products.  The fittings are all on order and were to arrive today but surprisingly they didn’t arrive.  The plumber is going to be here on the weekend but he can’t do any work until the fittings arrive so we have to chase that up tomorrow.  The plumber also needs to know the thickness of the tile that will be used so he can fit the taps so we need to add tile shopping to the list.  I had a look today and the choice is endless and I really don’t know where to begin.   All I really know is that the ideal size for the room is 500mm, but that size tile is difficult to find so the hunt will continue.
  • Oh it is boy-child’s birthday on Saturday.  We relented and are having a real party for him.  A reptile company is bringing in dozens of creepy slithery critters to entertain the masses.  All I need to do is the set up and feeding of the kids and make a cake.  That should cover the kids aspect of the day, then the family will attend en-masse and the whole party thing will start again.  It will be pretty low key, probably a barbeque.  Hopefully we will all go out for a picnic and all I will need will be picnic snacks, it really depends on how much energy everyone has to go walking.
  • As well as all this mundane bleh, there have been a few great yet interesting nights out that deserve their own story so perhaps a post in the future.  The fun nights out have also contributed to the sleeplessness.
  • On tomorrows to-do list is finding tiles, taking the kids to the movies as promised, making snake themed birthday cakes and treats, finding out what happened to our delivery of bathroom fixtures and hopefully sleep at a reasonable hour for all.  A trip to a water park was on the agenda but 23 degrees and showers really doesn’t work for me and swimming so that is one less thing to try and squeeze in to an already crazy day.

So that is where I have been.  Now to find my camera and play Weekly Winners catch up.

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