Wishes DO Come True

08 Jan

Apparently the universal powers that be either read my blog or live in my head space.  To prove my point, only a few days ago, in my most recent post did I comment on my desire to not have to share a bathroom any more.  Yeah it is selfish to want my own bathroom, particularly as my bathing habits are less than ideal but perhaps having easier access to such facilities may improve my habits.

Anyway, a new ensuite is on the to-do list, somewhere near the top.  We have even measured the space and been out looking at bathroom vanities and accessories to add to a wish list.  That was as far as we made it, we still want to look at some display homes to look at trends and colour schemes before we contact our builder and find a plumber.  That WAS the plan, now everything has to change.

Man-child came back upstairs from his shower this morning commenting that there was water dripping down the bathroom wall, in the area directly under the vanity in the ensuite.  I couldn’t find any immediate leaks in the vanity but man-child checked behind the toilet and found a pool of water.  Said pool of water has run around the back wall of the room, under the storage crate full of costumes that is stashed under the towel rails and around the corner and behind the vanity where it has dripped through the ceiling space and down the wall.  You can barely see the water in the ensuite and that is my excuse for not seeing it sooner, it has nothing to do with me actively avoiding the room I like least!  By the time the water seeped through the floor and down the wall it had picked up all manner of gunk and was a lovely shade of rust, staining the bathroom ceiling and wall plaster before pooling in an interesting puddle on the bathroom vanity.

I guess I should be thankful that is water that is seeping from the toilet before it reaches the bowl and not water that is filled with pee and other delightfully smelly treats.  Either way, the result is the same – the toilet in the ensuite is turned off and is no longer useable.  I am sure if I check closer I would find that there is a leak in the vanity that we haven’t found but now that there is no shower or toilet in the ensuite, the vanity isn’t likely to be used at all either.  Essentially the only use for the space is for storage, and the room really is tiny and unless I go back to stacking crates and boxes in the shower recess it is a waste of space, a very frustrating impractical waste of space.

To cut to the chase, the ensuite needs to go sooner rather than later, it is one thing to have to go downstairs to shower but another entirely to have to go downstairs to pee, especially when you can’t make it through the night with fewer than 2 pee breaks, often more.  So all in all, wishes do come true, just not in the way I anticipate, or for that matter can afford.  I guess we really can’t afford to have a cleaner any more.  Was I tempting fate back here when I mentioned that renovating would be an excuse to ditch the cleaner gracefully?

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One response to “Wishes DO Come True

  1. Ali

    January 10, 2010 at 12:07 am

    Oh dear, is it wrong to laugh a little bit? It’s okay. Tiling is easy. I’ve done a couple of bathrooms myself and if I can then anyone can. Just think how fun it’ll be to choose all new stuff and tiles and things. If it’s a small bathroom at least that’s cheaper and quicker to do, hey?


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