Other Resolutions or More of My Wish List for 2010

06 Jan

I have covered my personal goals for this year and it could be summed up by saying I am going to take care of myself.  Now for the rest of my life…

Family life – I want to make time as a family to go on adventures together, to go to new places and explore new things.  I want to be spontaneous without freaking out the kids.  I want to be able to start a food fight without freaking the kids out entirely.  I know that sounds rather bizarre, but a month or so ago we purchased a ginormous tub of awesome chocolate mousse.  Instead of dishing it out and eating portioned controlled amounts from individual dishes we all grabbed a spoon and dug in to the deliciousness.  Boy-child made a joke of picking up the tub and pretending to lick from it.  Thinking about a similar situation when I was a kid and my dad tipped a bowl of custard into a friends face as she was drinking from the bowl and we all laughed so hard we cried, I thought it would be hysterical if I tapped his face into the mousse.  Well clearly that was a mistake.  It was hysterical – hysterical crying.  When man-child asked why boy-child was upset, girl-child decided to re-enact the scenario.  Now you can’t re-enact part of a story, so when she lifted the mousse up to her face I tapped it on to her too.  Clearly I didn’t learn from the first disaster.  The only thing that consoled them eventually was them smearing chocolate mousse on my face as payback and even then they weren’t really consoled until I pretended to cry too.  So I guess what I am trying to say as that sometimes I want to be the fun one, the one that drags everyone on adventures and does crazy things.  I want to create memories of insanity that are fun and don’t freak the kids out.

I also want to find common interests with man-child again.  We seem to live in parallel worlds, we enjoy the others interests but we don’t actually share the same interests these days.  The closest we get to shared time is that we both like to hang out with the kids and we both like to be online, the difference being he plays poker and I blog or read blogs.  I would like to find something that we can actually do together, perhaps even out of the house and maybe even enjoy with the kids.  What that something might be is beyond me at the moment.  When we are injury free, man-child plays basketball twice a week and poker another night.  When he is playing poker I am at netball and that is the only sport we had in common.  Perhaps we could become band groupies again, we have a potential group in mind and we are going to see them play in a couple of weeks.

Aside from this, I guess the main thing that I would like family wise this year is to not see the inside of a hospital, is that too much to ask for?

Home – I am going to be selfish, I don’t want to share bathrooms any more, I want our ensuite back.  We live in a townhouse that is 13 years old and made at a time when good workmanship was forgotten in favour of mass production.  Don’t get me wrong, I love our house, we have done heaps to it but there is still a way to go before it is finished.  The aim for this year is to fix the ensuite.  About a year ago I noticed that there was a water stain on the ceiling of the bathroom on the middle floor.  Now this bathroom is situated directly below our ensuite and closer inspection found that it had a few loose tiles.  I lifted the tiles to find that there was no waterproofing and the water was dripping into the ceiling cavity.  I contemplated coating the room in silicone as a quick fix but it was merely delaying the damage and not actually fixing anything.  I figured that if we simply stopped using the room the motivation to renovate would strike quickly.  I don’t think it actually worked that way, merely it removed the desire to shower frequently!  Whilst not actually having buckets of cash floating around to fund this renovation, it will actually be nice to be able to shower whenever I choose so ensuite renovation here we come… slowly, some time this year.

As for other work on the home front, I want to keep on top of the mess.  We had a cleaner for a while before Christmas, in actual fact technically we still have a cleaner but we are taking a break for the holidays as we don’t know when we will be around.  It is great having a cleaner, the problem is the cleaner isn’t actually a great cleaner.  Her first clean was fantastic, I had forgotten what colour the kickboards under the kitchen cabinets were prior to this initial clean, it was totally worth the forking out of far too much cash.  The second clean was clean but not sparkly and the third, well I couldn’t really see much difference, sure the floors had been cleaned but I could only tell because the dining chairs were on the table!  It got me to thinking that in 2 or 3 hours with no-one in the house (we all stayed in the park to not get in the way) I could clean the floors and a whole lot more.  Hell if I were getting paid $70 cash in hand for the 2-3 hours (I don’t really know how long she was here, but it was well less than 3 hours) the house would be spotless, I probably would have even found time to clean windows or something equally irrelevant.

Now logic would say ditch her, do it yourself and enjoy the 3 hours of peace and quiet claim the cash, or pay someone to actually do the job properly but it is easier said than done.  Our cleaner is also the cleaner of a friend and neighbour, and I don’t want to cause trouble and upset everyone by saying how crap or inconsistent she is.  At the same time I don’t want to be paying a lot of money for very little service.  If I had thought about it realistically, our neighbour barely needs a cleaner, he is the most fastitious man I have ever met and his house is spotless before the cleaner comes over, all he really needs is someone to vacuum up all the dog fur and chat to the dog.  Even when both he and his housemate is home, which isn’t very often, how much mess can 2 guys make compared with our matching house filled with toys, kids art and craft crap stuff, my ‘creative’ stuff, bajillions of books, sporting equipment, a geriatric cat and 5 people?  I am sure that in 2-3 hours at the neighbours house even the door handles get polished because the base line is different and there is less to be done so it is no wonder he is more than happy about the service.  Me however, I can’t afford to pay someone to do a lesser job than I could do if I were so inclined.

So anyway, back to my dilemma, how do we change cleaners?  Is it bad to stretch the truth and say we can’t afford a cleaner as we are wanting to get the bathroom renovated and things will be tight?  I mean it is true, we will be renovating and trying to stick to a real budget.  Is it bad to then, a few weeks later to trial another cleaner or in this case, cleaning agency, that is not only cheaper but recommended from friends who love the fact that they only use environmentally friendly products that they provide?  Is it bad that I feel guilty about this, so guilty in fact that I would rather spend my meagre minutes of free time vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms even though I detest both chores with a passion?  Unfortunately I see myself doing much more vacuuming than I want to do but on the up side, I won’t be spending bucketloads of cash.

Work wise – it seems pretty simple but all I really want to do is work the hours that I get paid for.  I get paid to work part time yet most weeks I work full time hours and this year this is going to change.  I have set my out-of-office for next week although I went back yesterday.  Hopefully this will give me enough time to prepare for what is likely to be a busy year.  I figure that if I can set up a decent framework for the programs we will be running now it will all fall into place as the madness begins.  Ideally it would be great if the team I am a part of actually works as a team and with staffing changes that are promised for next month, there is a fair chance that will actually happen.  I/we are meeting with our new boss next week to discuss our objectives for this year and to hopefully remove the micro-manager-from-hell from work, it should be a good thing.  On top of this, I also plan on learning to say NO.  I am not going to over commit, if I don’t think I can do the job properly in the time available I won’t take on the project.  I know, it seems far too logical but it is something to aspire to.

Personal Development – I haven’t really thought much about personal development but a few possibilities, I would like to find, make or invent the time to be more involved in the community.  I don’t know where or how specifically but it is something that I would like to do, perhaps it will be something at school with the kids, maybe something creative, who knows.  Another thought would be to learn more, perhaps do some study, perhaps it is something I could do through work, Who knows, food for thought.

Anyway that is my wish list for 2010.  Did I mention anywhere that I don’t want to spend any more time in hospitals.  Perhaps I should mention that to boy-child who is now complaining about a sore wrist.  Now logically how would a grown man hurt his wrist?  Minds out of the gutter please, he hurt his wrist by falling off his scooter because not wearing shoes and scooting to the pizza shop to pick up his dinner is something that normal people do!

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