Weekly Winners #14

04 Jan

Here are my Weekly Winners, it has been a busier week than usual for photos with many fantastic opportunities and no camera at hand.  It is probably a good thing otherwise this post would include 27 bajillion photos.

We started off this week of Weekly Winners resting by the lake and even having a swim (well the kids did – I don’t swim!)

Relaxing by the Lake

Cooling Off

Followed up by a catch up with cousins and a swim in the pool.  It is a shame that the families only ever see each other when we are all on holidays, 3 hours away from home yet we live less than an hour apart!

Diving In

Catching Up with Cousins

When we returned we were a single child family, boy-child decided to stay on holidays with nan and pop.  I don’t have any photos from New Years Eve, it was a quiet night and also very wet.  New Years day on the other hand was fantastic – we went to the zoo.  Since girl-child has been at school we haven’t found the time to visit the zoo, a far cry from when we would be there every single week, rain hail or shine.  Much has changed in that year and the zoo is even more fantastic than we remembered, especially the new seal display and its surroundings.

Resting at the Zoo

In the Ring

Ape-ing Around

A final delicious dinner with friends was filled with unbelievable fits of laughter with girl-child keeping everyone entertained.

Cuddles and Giggles

Another few photo-free days and unbelievably a mostly photo-free day today – I didn’t even take a photo of Billy.  Perhaps I was too busy enjoying the cuddles?  I did manage to convince girl-child that I should take a photo of the gap tooth #3 left after she wrenched it from her gum in anticipation of another visit from the tooth fairy.

Tooth #3 - GONE

So there we have it, my Weekly Winners for the year.  You really should check out everyone else’s amazing weekly winners over here.

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One response to “Weekly Winners #14

  1. FFG

    January 5, 2010 at 7:58 am

    Great photos with cute kids! 🙂


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