Weaning Week

02 Jan

In typical New Year fashion it is time to think about what I want to achieve this year.  This is the ‘about me’ version of what I am going to do.  2010 is the year that I need to take care of me.   I need to get in to shape so that I can deal with whatever is thrown at me this year and here is how I am going to go about it.

I know that despite spending far too much time outdoors in the sunshine that unfortunately this includes sunburn on occasion, I am vitamin D deficient.  A nice simple and easy-to-do fix since increased sunlight isn’t helping – take a vitamin D supplement for a month.  Fingers crossed that will help with the muscle fatigue.

All going well, I won’t actually be able to measure the reduction in muscle fatigue as I am going to start exercising again.  I plan to start either shredding or running again, I haven’t decided which I will do first.  The eventual goal is to be able to do both on alternate days during the week.  I probably should start running first as I hope to actually run more than half of the Run 4 the Kids this year.  It is a 14.1km run, I know I can (or at least I could) run 5km without stopping, even if it is insanely slow.  Hopefully by race day, Sunday March 14, I will be able to run a 5km start and perhaps even a 5km finish or something equally insane.  I would love to suggest running the entire thing but want to set myself up to achieve even if it is small goals.

Hopefully the combination of running and shredding again I will get back to a decent fighting weight that remains consistent rather than the weight roller-coaster that I have been riding of late.  All that is left is to start eating foods that agree with me.  I know that eating gluten and most times lactose too not sends my digestion crazy but it makes me feel crap in general.  In the past I have been able to go cold turkey and give up all things tasty and delightful in one giant swoop.  Of course after months of feeling much better the bland eating seems to get the better of me and tasty food creeps back in.  This time I am going to make more food for the whole family that I can eat and I won’t be tempted by all of the great food everyone else is eating.  I will also stop being lazy and go to a shop that sells gluten free foods so hopefully I can find myself some affordable treats and cheese substitutes that won’t make me sick.

In the meantime I need to remove all temptation from the house.  The plan was to start the new year eating all healthy but I didn’t factor in the chocolatey treats that would still be left around the house.  I did my darndest to eat my way through them before the new year but even I couldn’t succeed.  I tried yesterday to eat well but with chocolates in bowls around the house temptation got the better of me and I began to nibble on the chocolates.  By the end of the evening I had decided that there was no point in just eating one or two chocolates every day, it was just easier to eat all the chocolates and then start properly, without temptation.

Anyway, it may be a new year, even a new decade but it isn’t actually the start of a new week.  For me the new week starts of a Monday and therefore my chocolate devouring will cease by Monday.  My gluten intake has stopped entirely, my lactose consumption (well actually my cheese consumption as it is my primary lactose source) has reduced significantly and it is only chocolate that is my weakness.

I therefore dub this week Weaning Week where I will prepare myself for not eating everything I love by firstly devouring bucket loads of chocolate and then preparing for the withdrawals that are soon to come.  The real life change will begin on Monday.  Be prepared for a week or three of whinging and moping as I deal with the trauma that I am likely to suffer as my body goes through a slow and no doubt painful detox.  It is for a good cause right I mean it is healthy to take care of your body and be happy within yourself?  I apologise in advance for the blah that is to follow.

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One response to “Weaning Week

  1. Ali

    January 3, 2010 at 12:49 am

    Good luck. I have to be in a temptation free environment to function properly as well.


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