Back from the Holidays

31 Dec

The Christmas madness has finished and I am exhausted.  In an attempt to recover we took a leisurely drive up to my folks house for a good old fashioned dose of R & R.  Friends came along for the journey also.  The first day we were there we spent lounging in the shade of a tree down by the lake.  The kids splashed away all day long and I spent my time resting on a blanket in the shade.  It sounds idyllic, except for the ‘resting on the blanket in the shade’ would more be far more appropriate if it said rolling around on the blanket clutching my stomach as it cramped all day long, fearful that if I stood the nausea would overtake me and the lawn would be coloured with technicolour chunks.  Fortunately the chunks never eventuated but the cramping continued for most of the time away and still off and on now.  Perhaps it is a timely reminder that I am gluten and lactose intolerant and I have eaten my body weight in chocolate, pastries and other treats iI shouldn’t eat!  I feel a NY resolution brewing, but more about that some other time.

Anyway, back to the relaxing holiday.

View from the Blanket

This is the view I had from the blanket, not too shabby at all when my yes were actually opened.  I strategically placed my blanket under a big tree, making sure I was going to still be in the shade as the sun passed overhead.  I draped a sarong over my head and rested.  Despite being in the shade, the brutal Aussie sun managed to find its way through the dense cover and fry me.  So now to add to my misery list I could add sunburn!

A normal holiday at mum and dad’s would include the fun in the sun by the lake as well as long nights soaking in the hot tub or sipping bubbles and chatting with friends.  That didn’t really happen either.  The kids were also exhausted so their sleep was also erratic.  I was awake until 4 one morning comforting girl-child and then awake again when the rest of the house woke from 7.  Needless to say that my days away, whilst pleasant and enjoyable weren’t actually relaxing and didn’t give me much a chance to recover from the madness of this year.

We arrived home late last night, with one less child, boy-child decided to stay and have a real holiday with nan and pop so he can be spoilt rotten.  Girl-child insisted on coming back with us and is bored already because she has no-one to play with and no-one to annoy her constantly!  It should be an interesting few days.

Me, I am hoping for a quiet night and a positive beginning to 2010.  We have been invited to a few different celebrations, mainly quiet house parties but we are more inclined to just sit in our park and relax with a few neighbours.  The weather however may change our plans and who knows where we will end up.

Where ever you are, I hope that your New Years celebrations are safe and enjoyable and that 2010 is a great year.

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One response to “Back from the Holidays

  1. Ali

    January 1, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Happy new year Del.


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