Broken Body Clock

26 Dec

Something really isn’t right – it is after 10 pm and I am still awake and not even tired.  I have no idea what has turned my body clock haywire but it is quite annoying.  Normally I am an early to bed, early to rise kind of gal but lately not so much.  Last night I went to bed around 10 but was still awake so I put a movie on.  Any other day this would simply make me fall asleep super quickly but no, instead I watched the entire movie and was still awake.  I tried laying in silence, that didn’t work.  I tried playing games on my phone but that didn’t work either.  Eventually I got back out of bed and wandered downstairs to do some more nothing and was trapped watching bad middle of the night tv and got suckered in to watching a movie that didn’t finish until after 2.30am.

I was still awake, my eyes were burning but I wasn’t actually sleepy.  The ads on tv were for all of the Boxing Day sales, some for major stores that were opening at 5am.  I briefly thought about waiting around a few more hours and wandering in to the shops.  I thought about it for a nano second more and realised that the city would be full of super shopping freaks on a mission, said freaks would be actual people and I didn’t think that I could deal with people in the strange state I was in.  To confirm my inability to deal with shopping, I flicked channels until I found one showing infomercials.  If only I had thought to do that hours earlier – in mere minutes I was yawning and it was time to go to bed.

I felt like my head barely hit the pillow and I was asleep and all too soon I could hear the kids in their room chatting and sorting through Christmas loot.  I was exhausted and dozed for a little longer but the day had already begun.  I didn’t know if it was the lack of sleep or the apprehension about what was to come but I really didn’t want to get out of bed.  Today was the Out-laws Christmas.

I have to admit when it comes to dealing with the out-laws I am definitely a ‘glass half empty’ person.  I don’t think I normally am but in this case I think it is more a matter of expecting the worst then (hopefully) being pleasantly surprised when it is actually a decent day.  Fortunately today was one of those ‘pleasantly surprised’ kind of days.  We all met at the brother’s house to share brunch, exchange gifts and watch the kids run wild and I really did have a lovely day.

The gift giving was much more sedate than usual.  Actually sedate isn’t the right word but I don’t know what word would be more appropriate.  The gifts that were given were all really well received, the gifts received were actually all fantastic (do I sound surprised?).  Then in true out-law tradition, the kids were all given crappy plastic toys to play with that day.  This is a tradition that was normally something that the father out-law would do but it didn’t happen last year as he was estranged from the family and passed away earlier in the year.  The tradition was revived by the mother out-law and all the kids, her grand kids rather than her own kids, were given plastic fantastic water pistols.

The presents were barely opened when it was everyone outside to watch the kids go completely insane watering each other and at times us.  They had a ball, we had a great time watching them and trying to stay dry.

Ready to (Water) Fight

Action Time

Multi Tasking!

All in all, a great day but it still doesn’t explain why I am still awake now.  On the up side, I have managed to pre-make a weeks supply of meals and have almost caught up on the washing prior to going on a nice long drive tomorrow.  At the rate I am going, I will be awake to finish off all the washing although the only clothes left to wash are the socks and jocks and I positively HATE sorting them to hang out.  Surely the thought of sorting horrible laundry will be enough to send me to sleep!

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One response to “Broken Body Clock

  1. Mari Ickes

    December 27, 2009 at 9:49 am

    It is interesting that the sales are AFTER Christmas. We have our “Black Friday” sales the day after Thanksgiving.


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