Christmas Eve Already

24 Dec

When did Christmas sneak up on me and how did it become Christmas Eve already?  I know that the setting up of a Christmas tree or three should be a give-away, as should the constant playing of Christmas carols, the round of Christmas lunches and parties and the increasing pile of presents stacked up under the tree but the whole Christmas thing has just appeared out of nowhere.

This time tomorrow I will be surrounded by my monsters little darlings amidst a pile of wrapping paper as we make plans on how to spend our day.  We will be cooking and eating a big brunch and spending time in the park over the road watching all the neighbourhood kids run wild, hyped up on Christmas spirit and no doubt a liberal dose of chocolate.  I can’t wait.

In the meantime, there is much to do, some important (to me) and some not so important yet I still want to do everything.  The to-do list is long and should be fun.  It includes making more Christmas cookies and packaging them up for neighbours, cleaning up a little and doing a clean out of the kids room.  As I have worked each day until today we haven’t had time to do our pre-Christmas clean out of toys that are worth donating to others and it is one tradition that I don’t want to stop.  Not only is it great to get rid of some of the excess toys but I love the kids recognising that they have way too much stuff when other kids miss out entirely.  I love that they are prepared to give away their treasures.

Of course with so much to do all I really want to do is sleep.  This year has been really long and exhausting.  I finished work early yesterday, hung out with the kids for a while and collapsed in to bed when they did.  Of course I was asleep in minutes, at around 7pm yet the kids apparently talked and read for much longer.  I forgot to set my alarm for a nanna nap and instead woke at around 11pm.  I was still tired but unable to get to sleep immediately.  Then of course there was the car alarm that went off no less than 5 times between midnight and 6am, waking me each time, not so much because it was extremely loud (it was) but because it sounds the same as our alarm.

Normally I wouldn’t be overly stressed or annoyed if the car was broken in to again but with rain and thunderstorms predicted, businesses being closed for the Christmas period and us planning a few days away after Christmas it really would be a nightmare to have a car with smashed windows preventing us from going away.  Therefore each time the alarm sounded I woke and now after being in bed sleeping or trying to sleep for more than 13 hours I am still tired and my eyes are burning.

I really should get up and get going but the kids are snuggly on the couch, the back door is open and the cool breeze is delightfully refreshing after yesterday and last night’s heat.  I haven’t checked my reader for days or responded to emails but perhaps that can wait a little longer too.  More snuggle time on the couch watching kids tv could be the order of the morning.

In the mean time, this is what I have missed by being at work this week, a beach crawl.  This is beach #3, Half Moon Bay with a sunken wreck in the background.

Monsters at Half Moon Bay

I did also miss out on a nasty case of sunburn too!

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One response to “Christmas Eve Already

  1. FFG

    December 24, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    Merry Christmas! Sounds like you’ll be having a wonderful one.


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