Weekly Winners – 12 Months Ago

20 Dec

I was flicking through the photographic proof that this week of madness actually existed and barely came up with anything worth posting.  Just out of interest I flicked back through the archives for photos from one year ago.  There were heaps of photos there that if I were taking part in Weekly Winners back then I would have posted them.   I figured that since I was looking at the photos I may as well post them to show that madness is pretty much normal for us this time of the year.

Firstly there was the culmination of  a major project I had been working on with student from three local schools.  Students from each school had produced an enormous mosaic (about 1200 x 2000mm) depicting their idea of what the community they belonged in looked like.

In Our Community - Near Citylink

Our Place in the Community - Debney Meadows

In Our Community - Around Racecourse Road

In Our Community - Where I Live!

Then there was the end of the school year which meant kid made Christmas gifts and girl-child ‘graduating’ from Kinder!



Painted Tea Light Candle Glass

The Kinder Graduate!

Then I went away for a work camp and stayed here.

A Working Holiday - the Camp Site

Climbing High - the Ropes We Climbed on Camp

And finally, just for something typical around here – photographic proof of yet another injury!

Lego Imprints from a Face-Firs Fall from Top Bunk!

So that was us one year ago, another crazy week but with more photographic evidence of the insanity!

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