Another Day

15 Dec

Firstly to the people that sent me hugs and nice thoughts, a HUGE thank you, it may not have fixed me anything but it made me feel loved.

In the light of a new day I am still annoyed, but in typical me fashion I am annoyed at me, at the way I react or over-react.  I don’t want to sit here and dwell on the annoyance but I am sitting here waiting and trying to plan.  Waiting for the kids to get up, waiting for the day to really begin.  I have made lunches, packed an after school snack, made dinner so it is ready to go super early before another dance rehearsal tonight.  All that is left to do is to wake the kids and drag them to school in time for me to get to a presentation by 8.45.  I am pushing my luck letting them sleep this late but they are clearly exhausted and need the extra sleep.

At least this morning I have some comic relief – the geriatric cat just climbed the Christmas tree!  Damn, why was the camera in my bag and not in my hand?

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