More Christmas Cheer

09 Dec

I am a little stubborn and the setting up of the Christmas tree last week end was just another example of my stubbornness.  I know many people set up their Christmas trees on the first of December but more often than not, the first is a school night and there really isn’t enough time to enjoy tie after school, eat dinner, set up the Christmas tree and still get to bed at a reasonable hour.  Therefore we set up our tree on the first weekend of December, giving us all weekend to do the job properly.

I don’t know if I mentioned it back here when I posted about setting up the Christmas tree but I don’t actually like our tree, we have outgrown it.  I decided as we set up the tree last year that we needed a bigger and better tree and had great intentions to buy a new gigantic tree during the post Christmas sales last year.  Of course I promptly forgot all about finding a great tree until it was time to start thinking about buying a tree this year.  As much as I wanted to go out and buy a beautiful tree the price is just insane, especially knowing that I am likely to get it for 25% off after Christmas, what was I to do?

I was in a dilemma but a friend came to the rescue.  She is relocating overseas and her beautiful tree is in storage at her parents house.  She was more than happy for us to borrow the tree for the season.  I was so excited but there was a catch, the tree was 2 hours away.  It is too big to fit in my car even if I had time to take a long drive to the country and the only time it could be transported here was today, well after the first weekend of December.

We could have waited but I didn’t want to break my tradition so we set up a tree on the first weekend.  This wasn’t our tree either – a neighbour dropped his tree over after hearing about my dilemma.  His tree was bigger than ours, very pretty, but still not big enough!  I was so excited when our ‘new’ borrowed tree arrived this afternoon.  The box it was in was bigger than our tree!  Of course I wanted to set it up straight away.

The kids scoffed down their dinner and helped me set it up.  Just sorting the branches was a major task but finally it was time to construct the monster, all 7 1/2 feet.  It was challenging to take all of the decorations off the other tree and on to the new tree.  In all the transferring of decorations only one was broken, by me and I then managed to step in a piece of glass and cut my foot!  The new tree is so huge that all the decorations that were on the first tree, and the ones that didn’t fit and were still in storage are all on the ‘new’ tree and only on one side – I don’t have enough to cover the entire tree!  It took an hour or more to set up but well worth the effort if I do say so.

Building the New Tree

A Shoulder Ride to Add the Tree Topper

A Favourite 'Decoration'

All Ready For Christmas

What to do with the other tree?  It will be relocated upstairs, either just inside the balcony door so the lights can be seen from the street or in the kids lounge and library area, a space that isn’t ever used.  I am sure it will take a while before it is set up properly.  Eventually I will add lights to the balcony too to add to the festive cheer.


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2 responses to “More Christmas Cheer

  1. Ali

    December 9, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    Wow that tree is big. You weren’t kidding about the reindeer either. Does it have a name yet?

  2. FFG

    December 10, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    I like it!


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