If I Were Tweeting

29 Nov

If I could remember my new twitter password after resetting it to kill the evil spam bots I may have actually tweeted this weekend.  However having NFI what my password is and lacking in the motivation to reset it again I will merely pretend that I was updating my


If I were tweeting this weekend, the tweets would be something like this…


Another night out with nothing to wear.  Do I just go home and lament not having anything or do I go to DFO?  DFO here I come.

Doctors orders – I need to spend more time in the sun.  I have a vitamin D deficiency.  A perfect excuse to spend time sitting in the park.

Why oh why did I tell the babysitter that we would be home around 11?  Surprisingly, this night out is fun!  Don’t want to go home yet.


It is Saturday a day for sleeping in yet I have to drag myself out of bed to go to work.

Work is done for the day, hooray.  Time to head home and relax for a second or three.

Grrr, vandals have destroyed the art installation I was planning on visiting this afternoon.  I wonder if the festival will continue?

Plans for the evening are diminishing – artwork destroyed, rain pouring down and no inspiration to decide what to pack for a picnic dinner.

Cold, wet and hungry.  We stayed for part of the festival but  as the rain poured down and the tummies rumbled we headed home.


I don’t have to get up early this morning, why am I awake?  Go back to sleep damnit.

Re-distribution of Christmas gifts.  Have purchased too many gifts for the monsters and now it is time to give them to others to give back!

Time to go to my work Christmas party with the family.  It should be fun if the rain holds off.  Where is Bundoora Park?

The kids have very different tastes in carnival rides.  Boy likes sedate space rides, girl likes spinning vomit inducing rides.

Being 125cm tall means the girl and her friend have to be accompanied by a grownup on the Hurricane – here goes.

Big mistake, I have outgrown the ability to be flung around and around in circles at insane speeds.  Way too old for this.

Still feeling ordinary, like I am hung over without having had a drink.  Why did I go on that stupid ride?

Mmm, food fixes everything.  Feeling much better now but I am not going to go on any more crazy rides.

Boy-child is super snugly today.  The hugs are great until they turn in to headlocks.

I love an independent child; girl-child has spent most of the day running around with a new friend.  Last count 3 rides on the cha-cha.

Boy-child has found a new animal to love – a snake. Heaps of rides to go on and he wants to play with the snakes.

Stupid mistake, I went on a ride with boy-child, a simple space simulation.  It was like a 3d pc game, made me feel nauseous.

Finally the boy gets excited by a ride – the giant slide, riding it over and over again before it closes.

The party is over, gifts to the kids delivered, the rides are finished and it is time to go home.  I am exhausted.

Take away for dinner and an early night for the kids is on the cards.  Hopefully a nanna nap and an evening of TV for me.


Since I am not on Twitter these days I will just say it was a great weekend, totally exhausting.  I need a weekend to recover from the weekend.

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