It Makes Me Sad

28 Nov

Earlier in the week I talked about the big knit – a knitting masterpiece that is going to cover the bridge just down the road from us.  Well today was the big day, the day that the knitting was going to be shown to the world.  I say WAS because some time during the night some vandals cut the installation from the bridge.  Now instead of it being suspended along the scaffolding it is draped below the bridge and in the water.

14 months of planning, weeks of knitting and 10 days of installation to be ruined in one night by thoughtless, selfish people.   Despite all the damage to the knitting, the festival continued.  Although it was damaged, what was left looked amazing.  In places the knitting was cut and left hanging in tatters, in other places holes were made in the knitting just like a stitch or two had been dropped.

Shredded Knitting
Draped over the River

Still a Place for Fun

There were still a few smaller pieces of work that weren’t destroyed and you can see from them that the concept was amazing.

Granny Square

My favourite non destroyed piece is this one

Fluoro Doilie


I would have loved to see the bridge draped in knitting.  It really makes me sad that someone, or most likely a group of someones, would take the time to destroy something like this.  It must have taken a long time to actually cut each and every tie that was holding the knitting to the bridge along the top of the scaffolding.  What pleasure could possibly be derived from such destruction?


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2 responses to “It Makes Me Sad

  1. Ellen

    November 28, 2009 at 11:09 pm

    Oh god, this actually put a tear in my eye. So senseless! So utterly senseless. Why are there people like that in our area? We are so lucky to have those arty, crafty types moving in! Move out vandals!

  2. Ali

    November 28, 2009 at 11:39 pm

    It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? I will never understand this sort of thing. What could someone possibly get out of it? A shame but at least you still were able to enjoy it, in my mind that means they didn’t win!


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