I Didn’t Change My Mind

26 Nov

For once I made a decision about clothes, had time to think about it and still went with my original decision.  For a change I think I even made the best possible choice in deciding what to wear.  When I thought about it, with the event beginning at 6pm and guests arriving from 5pm most people would be traveling their directly from work.  With that in mind I thought that there would be very few places of work where a yellow silk dress with giant pink roses on it would be considered appropriate, it was definitely more appropriate for a garden wedding.

Also with the timing of the event, I was going to be going with the kids to their dance class (yep the boy-child stayed home from school to rest but was happy to tap his way through a double dance class!) and traveling from there to the event.  I really didn’t want to be sitting around the studios amongst the stage mums from hell wearing my pretty yellow dress.  Wearing the grey frock I was almost incognito both at the studio and at the event.

The venue was beautiful, the event itself – an awards ceremony was long but tolerable knowing that there was going to be food at the end, as well as a chance to explore the surroundings.  After much polite clapping the presentations were over, just as my tummy rumbles kicked in to high gear.  We wandered out to get some food and the first three platters that were served were seafood, pork and seafood, not a single piece of edible food was in sight.  The next platters that came out were more of the same.  It looked like I wasn’t going to eat anything in a hurry.  Instead of waiting we decided to head for home and take out food.  Not what I had planned but still a successful evening of ‘work’.

Now that I have survived one evening of potential wardrobe disasters it is time to prepare for the next.  My latest dilemma – what to wear to a Christmas function in a semi-swanky restaurant with man-child’s colleagues, most of whom I have never met?  I know he is looking forward to the many phone calls based upon the eternal ‘does my butt look big in this?’ question.

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One response to “I Didn’t Change My Mind

  1. Ali

    November 26, 2009 at 11:18 pm

    I’m glad the dress was the right choice. A pity there was no decent food but at least you didn’t end up having to cook!


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