Funrazor Fundraising

22 Nov

Some amazing people are shaving their heads in order to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation in New Zealand.  They are doing this to try and ensure that no other families have to live through watching a child, their child, suffer with cancer.

I have been following Bianca’s journey over at the Whites in NZ for a few years now.  I have watched her grow and celebrated her end of treatment from afar.  Although her treatment is over, Lea is still giving to the Child Cancer Foundation and is shaving her head again this year.  In Lea’s own words, “I will shave off my hair in honour of my very brave girl – Bianca. And she will get to shave my hair. She will be there wearing her beads with pride. And I’m asking you to sponsor me in honour of Bianca whose story you have been following for so very long. Her ups and downs, the “joys” of things like steroids, her smile, sometimes a few tears and lots and lots of hospital stays. Please help me reach my goal. Last year I managed to raise over $2,000 and I would be so pleased if I could achieve a similar goal.”  If you too want to support Lea and her efforts, click over to her secure fundraising site.

I have also donated to Funrazor 09, a site created by 4 women who are child cancer mums.  I have been chatting to Alma online for a while now.  My heart goes out to Alma and her family as they face the most difficult journey of all – medicine can no longer cure her son David.  Alma has joined 3 other women in an effort to raise funds to support the Child Cancer Foundation.  What makes this head shave more amazing is that Alma has beautiful long hair that has not been cut in over a decade!  Again, if you have the opportunity to support these amazing women, head to the Funrazor 09 fundraising site.

Any donation will help to support families who have a child with cancer.

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