New Moon Party

21 Nov

So after a relaxing day that involved little more than good food, great company and baby cuddles, before the blur of after school stuff that needed doing, it was time to head to a party.  In all the hype of a the release of New Moon, I (well we really) was invited to a new moon party.  The thing is, it wasn’t one of those new moon parties, it was a new moon as in lunar.

It was at another school families house not far from where we live.  Whilst girl-child and their daughter are in the same class and do play together, they aren’t best friends and have never wanted to play together after school.  As a result we don’t really know the family and figured it was as good an opportunity to get to know them.

Despite walking there in the rain, at kid speed dancing through puddles, we were one of the first arrivals.  It gave us a chance to chat and get to know each other.  The party space was awesome, a paved area surrounded by a built up garden bed full of vegies.  In the centre of the paving was a fire pit and before we knew it there was a fire burning in the pit.  Alcohol was being consumed and food being devoured.

Once we arrived, the rain thankfully held off and we all enjoyed the night.  I didn’t know anyone there other than the hosts and I had a great night.  The other guests were quite an eclectic bunch, best described as hippy meets IT/business geek.  In fact it was almost amusing to sit around the fire listening to people discuss the relevance of a new moon, based upon the finding of some new moon app on their iPhone!

I am sure if I am lucky enough to get another new moon invite I will be there enjoying again.

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