Shichi go san

17 Nov

Today was just a day like any other day.  Filled with kids, school, work and every day life and nothing noteworthy, and certainly nothing to write about.  Instead of writing about nothing, I decided to go back through my photo archives for this time last year to see what we were up to.

Happy School Girl
Happy Almost School Girl

This time last year girl child was getting ready for her school orientation and super excited about wearing her brand new, far-too-large school uniform.

Hopefully this time next year I will have more photos of girl-child just as happy but in a very different setting.  This time next year we plan to be in Tokyo to celebrate Shichi Go San, a festival that is a traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three and seven year-old girls and three and five year-old boys, held annually on November 15. As Shichi-Go-San is not a national holiday, it is generally observed on the nearest weekend.

We hope to stay with wonderful friends in central Tokyo.  Together we will celebrate Schichi Go San with a beautiful blonde 7 year old girl who will be wearing the traditional kimono worn by our friend’s daughter when she was 7.  Don’t worry, boy-child won’t be left out, he has been promised a trip to Disneyland and possibly to the Pokemon Centre too!  I can’t wait, only 50 or so weeks to go!

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One response to “Shichi go san

  1. trish

    November 21, 2009 at 10:52 pm

    that is something to look forward too…you must have a very soft for Japan.


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