Racing the Clock

13 Nov

Argh, all of a sudden it is late.  Now normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but today it is.  Damn you NaBloPoMo, how can I possibly think of something worth reading in 3 measly minutes.  Now generally I work well under pressure but that is usually when I have some sort of idea of where I am headed.  Plans for where I am headed today?  Yeah, not so much.

As I type I sit and watch the clock on the laptop, hoping that it is working and not frozen in some alternate reality time warp.  This minute seems to be taking a while, not that it is a bad thing I just don’t want to miss the deadline by a few measly minutes.  OK, 2 minutes left and I have really nothing at all to say other than why am I not in bed?

I am tired, in need of sleep, I have to work tomorrow (and go out tomorrow night).  Crap haven’t got a sitter yet.  Ooops, must eat chocolate and press publish just to make sure I make it in time.

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One response to “Racing the Clock

  1. trish

    November 14, 2009 at 7:48 am

    LOL , at least you did it and you got chocolate too.


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