Kind of One of THOSE Days, but Not Quite

12 Nov

And now for another boring, I’ve really got nothing to say but I am going to ramble on anyway posts that is likely to fill this space during NaBloPoMo.

Today began like any other day, I was awake before 5, wishing I were still asleep.  I was awake at 6 thinkingI should just get up and go for a run damnit.  Then at some stage I drifted off, only to be woken by the alarm at 6.55.  Just a normal kind of start to the day, no real dramas.  Surprisingly the kids were all dressed and ready for school early, giving them plenty of time to play before we left for school.  We even sorted a huge pile of recycling to take in to school for box constructions and were still early.

Being the helpful person I am Since we had a huge pile of boxes I even carried them right to the class line.  Still we were early.  Do you think the kids wanted to go play with friends?  No they wanted to walk me to the school gate, stopping every three seconds to give me another hug or kiss.  The first 7 or so were lovely, then it just got annoying.  Oh and that early, not happening any more!

I wasn’t riding to work today so I jumped in the car and got stuck in the traffic outside the carpark.  Now I know that I could have looked for a carpark elsewhere but I don’t have a permit to park anywhere else so I did a lap in peak hour traffic to try again.  Second time round the entry to my carpark was blocked by construction machinery.  I snuck in the alternate carpark where I would probably get away with parking but of course there were no parks.  I had to wait until the construction machine passed by before I could sneak into my own park.

I had a boot load of stuff that needed to be taken over to the office, probably enough for 3 trips but I was sure I could do it in 2.  I had just stepped off the road when I lost hold of one of the bags, it went flying across the footpath and my phone bounced out.  Fortunately it was in a cover and the cover broke off, but didn’t break and thank god my phone didn’t break or the world really would end.

We had a full office today, not something that happens often, so we were playing musical desks as there aren’t enough computer workstations for each of us!  I had eleventy bajillion emails to respond to before I could do anything else.  Naturally before I even had a chance to look at the first squillion the phone rang.  Someone hadn’t done their job, accounts weren’t paid, it was all too hard and somehow I had to fix it.  A whole slew of errors, it was a nightmare to dig through.

Eventually it was almost sorted, well sorted enough to forget about for a while as I headed off to the next program of the day.  Traffic was nuts and again a round trip that should take only 20 minutes took almost an hour, add to that the colleague I was waiting for was delayed so there was more sitting around not getting stuff done.

Eventually we made it to the program and it was awesome.  So awesome in fact that we didn’t realise that so much time had passed and surprise surprise, I was running late again.  Another mad dash back to the office to return the car, only to find another ‘messy’ file on my desk.  I just grabbed it and ran out again.

I continued to work after school as the kids had their dance lesson.  I didn’t get much done, but at least it stopped me from overhearing the stage mums talk about how many different their child prodigy would take next year.

Add in dinner then bath and bed for the kids and the day is almost complete.  All that was left was a game of netball.  Again I played scared not wanting to get hurt, or was it merely that I played lazy?  Either way it was too hot for much running.  Somehow between leaving for netball and arriving there, my throat became scratchy.  Not sore, not uncomfortable, just a little scratchy.  The random scratchy throat made my voice go strange, all deep and husky, sometimes disappearing.

Who knows what my voice will be like tomorrow.  If it is still raspy and disappearing it will make the presentations I am involved in quite interesting.  Surely rest will fix it, so it is off to bed for me.  Nite.


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2 responses to “Kind of One of THOSE Days, but Not Quite

  1. Ali

    November 12, 2009 at 10:47 pm

    Stuck in traffic in heat is the worst thing ever.
    Hope your voice gets better. Try and rest it this evening as much as you can.

  2. Susan

    November 13, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    It’s hard to remember that it wasn’t too long ago that nobody had a phone to worry about breaking. My how times have changed, because the world really would end!


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