Wagging Work

09 Nov

It is Monday morning, a work day and I am NOT going to work.  Why?  Because I haven’t had enough sleep again, because I have worked far too many unpaid days in the last month, because I need a mental health day, because I think it is going to be a long week and I am falling behind already.  Maybe I am not going in to work because I am hot and bothered or perhaps that should be because I am hot and I can’t be bothered.  Whatever the reason excuse I am not going to my place of paid employment.  Of course not going to work doesn’t stop the phone ringing about work-related issues, with the first call coming in just before 8.30!  My phone is now on silent and I am trying to ignore it.

Now just because I am not at a place of paid employment doesn’t mean that I will be a lady of leisure, the to-do list is long and ever-so-exciting.  It includes such fun items as more laundry than the usual thanks to both kids having nose bleeds during the night.  I need to organise dinner for tonight, for tomorrow night (when I go from work to school pick-up, back to work then off to cub scouts with boy-child before getting home at 7 for 5 seconds peace before doing the scout pick-up), Wednesday night and while I am at it I may as well organise something for Thursday night during the mad rush between dance lessons and netball.  In order to actually organise dinner I first have to go and get food.  Despite the fact that the kids will happily eat beans on toast every day, I won’t!  We are out of fresh fruit after the rabid hordes ate 2kg of bananas amongst other fruit over the weekend (oh those rabid hordes – my kids alone).  So that is about all for the essentials, the rest can wait if I don’t go insane in the mean time.

The stuff that would be nice to have done would include getting rid of all the ‘stuff’ that hasn’t been put away over the weekend, cleaning up every one else’s mess in the bathroom, sweeping and mopping the floors downstairs and my favourite – vacuuming.  I really should dust because girl-child has hay fever and looks like miserable.  Perhaps the dusting should get moved up to the first list.

So what to do with my day off work?  It should be an action packed, fun-filled day.  I can’t wait, I want to crawl back in to bed and actually get some sleep!  Maybe if I can get everything done this morning I can reward myself with a nanna-nap, hopefully that will be a motivator.  Gotta go, things to do…

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One response to “Wagging Work

  1. trish

    November 9, 2009 at 2:32 pm

    your day sounds a bit like mine … I’m sitting on my butt currently contemplating what should I do first …that will make the biggest impact or make the other half think I achieved something LOL I better unpaid the bag from the farm and at least make the bed!


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