Random Kidversations

09 Nov

It has taken until 9pm but the to-do list is almost done.  Well it is as done as it is going to be.  On the up side, I did manage to treat myself to a trip to the fur shop and I no longer look like a hairy ape!

In other news, here is a recap of some of the many very random conversations that have occurred around me of late.

The first was between girl-child and her bff as we walked to school this morning.  Girl-child was still all red eyed and stuffy from hay fever.  She mentioned this to her friend who also said she had hay fever.  They then began checking off symptoms to ensure that they both did have hay fever.  Itchy eyes? check  Runny nose? check  Sneezy? check  Coughs? check  Head Ache? her bff didn’t have a head ache.  Girl-child consoled her friend by saying that she could have hay fever without having a headache.  She went on to explain that sometimes you have to be 6 to have a head ache and in fact she has had a head ache for all of her 6 year old life!

The second was between boy-child and his former girl friend, (the sister of his sisters bff) who was explaining to him that if she pretended to be a dog then he could call her a bitch and it wouldn’t be a bad thing because girl dogs are bitches and it is the truth so it isn’t swearing!

The third relates to man-child’s attempt to grow a m0ustache as a part of Movember.  The kids were asking him why he was trying to grow a moustache and so he explained that he was raising money to help men who were very sick.  When they questioned what sort of sickness he went on to explain that it was about helping men with depression as well as cancers that men get.  Boy-child added that they could raise money for man flu too because that is a really bad sickness too!

I know that there were more strange conversations around me but I am too tired to remember them right now, perhaps another day.  I will leave you with the joke that boy-child read at school assembly this morning

Q.  What bird steals all the bubbles from the bath?

A.  A Robber Ducky!


Posted by on November 9, 2009 in just a day



2 responses to “Random Kidversations

  1. Ali

    November 9, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    The man-flu comment should almost be written up and framed, it’s that brilliant.

  2. FFG

    November 10, 2009 at 7:13 am

    Thanks for the laughs! So funny!


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