08 Nov

There is a reason that I am the one that normally has the camera and is taking the photos.  Very occasionally I let others take photos of me.  I have just flicked through the photos that girl-child took yesterday and realised that my eyebrows are all wrong, clearly I am long overdue to make a visit to the fur shop (the place of hair removal to normal people).  Apparently having legs that are so hairy you could pass for an ape isn’t enough to make me realise that a trip to the fur shop is well overdue but that is another story.

Mouse Me

Mouse Me!

The photo also reminds me of a few other things – one is that I hate photos but am occasionally happy to make a fool of myself for everyone to see even if I did refuse to leave the house looking like a mouse.  Two, perhaps a 6 year old isn’t the best person to do my face painting.  On the up side – having her clean the face paint off my face was a little like a massage!

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