Where are the Boy Folk?

07 Nov

After saving his funds all year, well almost all year (a few dozen packs of pokemon cards were purchased along the way) boy-child has saved up enough money and gems* to trade for an iTouch.  He was saving up for a DS but as I am not a huge fan I offered to split the cost of an iTouch to encourage him to get one over the DS.  (I have since seen more about the DSi that I really like, but I am stubborn and pigheaded so I refused to change my mind or the offer.)

Anyway, moving on, the final count left him with a grand total of $150.70, a whopping 70 cents more than he was required to save, and to say he was a little excited at the prospect of having his own iTouch would be an understatement.

Almost an iTouch Owner!

Almost the owner of an iTouch!

Man-child is not disappointed to not have to share his iPhone and games any more either!

So right now the boy folk are out purchasing an iTouch and discussing the apps and games he should load.  Girl-child and I are having a quiet day in.  She is snuggled on the couch, under a blanket not feeling too great apparently hay-fever has hit her for the first time ever.  I am simply enjoying the peace and almost quiet for a change.

* Gems are an additional bribery tool we use around here.  Random acts of kindness can be rewarded with gems that can be later traded for 10 cents however it also acts as a swear jar of sorts and bad language and inappropriate behaviour can cost gems.  It works a treat, you don’t have to be consistent or anything, the randomness of a bonus gem or 3 can be a great motivator.


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2 responses to “Where are the Boy Folk?

  1. FFG

    November 7, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Big day and so exciting for him. The gems are a great idea.


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