Melbourne Madness

02 Nov

Racing fever has hit town and the neighbourhood is alive.  Now normally it is hectic around here, but for a change it is and not just my house that is crazy but the whole area.  You see we live just up the road from Flemington Racecourse.   In fact we are so close we can hear the race calls from our house.  As you can imagine with 100,000 people converging on your suburb, traffic is always going to be crazy so we stay local.

Traditionally we would wander down to a park and sit in the sunshine with dozens of other locals who don’t want to brave the insanity of traffic and transport.  A friend drags his tv and lounge suite out to the park, we bring over our old bbq (actually come to think of it, I think it is still there from last year!), a shade gazebo and a laptop to ensure that we can keep up to date with the race odds.  It is a great day, the kids all play cricket or frisbee, climb trees and ride bikes and we all sit around eating and drinking.  Generally we are in the park from late morning and go home as the sky darkens having overindulged all day long.  We have been doing this for the past 2 years with plans to do it again tomorrow.

That was until we saw the weather forecast.   City – Shower or two. Windy.  Min 17, Max 20

That doesn’t bode well for electronic equipment in the middle of a park.  Apparently the tv in the park has been cancelled so now what to do?  We could still go to the park without the tv but being able to watch the race is what set this picnic apart from other picnics in the area.  The location is so central that many people walking to the races walk by and have been known to join in on the festivities.  The other option is to just open our house again and have everyone come over here.  It will still be fun but not the same without a park for the kids to play in.

Regardless of all the planning, the weather can change again and it probably will.  Today it was supposed to be windy and also have thunderstorms.  Now there is a slight breeze and beautiful blue skies.  There were a few showers earlier in the day but they have been and gone and it is now the perfect day outside.   I am happy to just make it up as we go along, and make any decisions in relation to moving furniture out to the park tomorrow but I think others like to have some real plans about what to do for the day.  I wonder if we could just say if we aren’t in the park we will be here and cross our fingers and hope for the rain to hold off.

Who knows where we will end up.  If you do happen to watch the Melbourne Cup, the Race that Stops a Nation look our for us.  When they are showing overhead views of the track you will see where I live.  Perhaps if we do end up celebrating the day here at home, I might see if I can get the kids all in the backyard with balloons or something equally as colourful to see if you can see them!


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2 responses to “Melbourne Madness

  1. trish

    November 2, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    what will you be wearing ? something bright so I can see you if I remember to watch 😉

    Happy nablpomo day2

  2. trish

    November 2, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    Ps it is going to be 35 C here tomorrow …


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