Weekly Winners #7 – Happy Halloween

01 Nov

Halloween really isn’t a big deal around here but all the kids know about it and want to get in on the action.  However I really don’t want them wandering around the neighbourhood begging for treats.  There was an organised group of people trick or treating that we could have joined but they weren’t starting until 7 and that was going to equate to another really late night.  Instead we had a picnic in the park with anyone who wanted to join in on the fun.  We hid lollies in the garden beds for a treasure hunt, had scary food and watched dozens of kids run around in costumes having fun.  It wasn’t a typical Halloween celebration but it was fun.

This is girl-child normally.

Happy girl-child

And now girl-child as Elphaba from Wicked.

Gone Green

Happy Halloween.


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One response to “Weekly Winners #7 – Happy Halloween

  1. trish

    November 2, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    Adorable …she looks a pretty witch did she go Trick or Treating ?


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