More Plans Out the Window

31 Oct

I have grand plans for this weekend, plans that included sleep. I negotiated with the kids that of they wanted to go to the Halloween picnic they had to allow me to sleep in. Also as I still need to make/finish costumes I need them to clean up their room and put toys away as they do every Saturday morning prior to getting their pocket money. Once that was done we were going to make witchy fingers to take to the picnic. I even tried to circumvent the mess I anticipate will occour during the biscuit making so I pre mixed the dough before going to bed. And yes I made the dough to prevent mess not just because I wanted to snack on it!
Anyway, that was my plan. It was spimple really, how could it go wrong? Oh I forgot the moons have aligned in a most conspiritoral way again and I am spending the wee hours of the morning wide awake listening to the ragged, rapid breathing and delusional rants of boy-child as he lay beside me on the sofa bed in the study.
He woke up about an hour ago (about 3 hours after I went to bed) screaming. He has a headache, fever and by the sound of it a blocked sinus. Even after nurofen the poor boy is so hot it is like laying next to a radiant heater that can only be comfortable if draped over my body. I don’t think much sleep will be happening this morning 😦

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