Filling in the Gaps

05 Oct

I have had a few comments about my attire in the previous post so I guess rather than email the same story multiple times I can try and explain the history of the outfits and how they are important to me.

Outfit #1

Relaxing on our Wedding Day
Relaxing on our Wedding Day

My wedding dress.  I made my wedding dress and the dresses of my bridesmaids and flowergirl.  Now that really shouldn’t have been too difficult, so I had to make the whole wedding planning time more difficult by living and studying on the other side of the city at the time for 5 months leading up to the wedding.  That meant that I had to get man-child to cut out all the fabric during the week so that I could come home over the weekend and make the dresses as I tried to study.  I have to say that man-child did a much better job of cutting than I would have.  He also did a fantastic job of doing all the wedding planning that I didn’t have time for!

Oh and YES, I AM WEARING DOCS under my wedding dress, beautiful dark green 8 ups.  I did have gorgeous strappy white satin shoes with comfortable 3 inch heels that I had planned on wearing.  I packed my Docs to wear later in the day fearing that I would end up with sore feet and not enjoy the reception.  Just before we left for the ceremony I changed my mind about the heels figuring that since the wedding was outdoors my heels would sink into the lawn so I ditched the heels and pulled on the Docs.  Of course I hadn’t packed any ‘wedding socks’ so I wore white socks with blue and purple giraffes on them!  I am happy to say that I ended the day more than slightly intoxicated, with sunburn but my feet were great.

Outfit #2

Ready to Partay!
Ready to Partay!

Man-child as Angus Young from ACDC, girl-child wanting to get in on the dressing up action as Tinkerbell, me as an All American Goddess and girl-child’s friend.

Now to explain the significance of this dress I have to fill you in on a bit of background, so here goes.

We have lived in this house for 6 years now and have some wonderful neighbours, people that perhaps we would never have met.  Actually if I am to be honest, I can’t imagine that our paths would ever have crossed had we not moved here.  It was one of these wonderful friends who celebrated his birthday on Friday and with whom we partied on Saturday.

Now to celebrate his birthday in style we, the guests, were asked to dress as someone we admire.  Now when the invitation arrived that seemed like an easy thing to do, but then when I sat down and thought about it, it wasn’t that easy.  Sure I could come up with someone I admire, but they wouldn’t be people anyone would actually recognise or that I could feel glamourous being dressed up as.  Then I found out that a bff of the birthday boy ws planning to fly in for the party.  Now this bff is also a good friend of mine, a former neighbour and someone that I truly admire.  I don’t want to tell here story here, it isn’t mine to tell, but I can fill you in on little bits.

You see this former neighbour is originally from Chicago, fell in love with an Aussie and moved here.  Illness and injury in her family caused her to move home.  In her time here she was involved in performing and pageants and I helped to create costumes and gowns for her to wear performing.  The gown that I am wearing in the photo is one that I re-made for her.  She didn’t like the original make of the dress, she felt like a foofy bride so I pulled it apart and re-made the skirt entirely and modified the bodice.  She took the gown over to Thailand to have beaded before I finished it.  If I do say so myself, the finished dress is quite amazing.  So amazing in fact that she won 2 major pageants wearing the dress.  I decided that I should go to the party as her, as I admire the the person that she is and the journey that she has followed in order to find herself.

This is what the dress should look like on!
This is what the dress should look like on!

PS – I am not as tall as the owner of the dress so even with 3 inch heels it was a little too long.  I really wish that I could have worn Docs – my feet were killing me and I ended up in bare feet for part of the evening.  Luckily the dress hid the classiness of my bare feet.  I am also not as voluptuous either so I didn’t have much to hold up the bodice!

Throughout this journey I have discovered that I really enjoy dressing up, now I need to find an excuse to really dress up again.


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3 responses to “Filling in the Gaps

  1. Ali

    October 6, 2009 at 10:59 pm

    I think it’s lovely that you chose your friend. Many of my friends are people that I admire tremendously, it’s so special to be able to give your friend that kind of tribute.
    Also – you’re very clever!!! That’s some nifty dressmaking skills you have there.

  2. FFG

    October 8, 2009 at 4:50 pm

    Great stories!

  3. Tanya

    October 11, 2009 at 5:55 am

    Congrats on 10 years that is wonderful and something very special. Plus I think you are looking hot I think you should dress like a pageant princess everyday – all you need is a blue version for work.


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