The Happiest Day of the Year?

27 Sep

Apparently Grand Final Day, a day of national importance, is the ‘happiest day of the year’ or so I am told by man-child.  For me?  Not so much.  It is always a fun day of catching up with friends that sometimes is the only day of the year that we actually spend time together, eating drinking and catching up.  Typically the die-hard fans sit outside and watch the game on the ‘Wii TV’, the family followers sit inside in a slightly more kid friendly environment whilst I normally sit around in the courtyard enjoying the company of other friends who really don’t care about the football but care about the company.

Today the weather was conspiring against us, it was cold wet and windy with patches of hail!  Instead of spreading out, almost everyone was inside.  When I say everyone I should mention that it was a ‘quiet’ GF day with about 35 adults and 20 kids ranging in ages from tiny (adorable) babies to 11 year olds.  The kids ignored the game and spread out upstairs on the middle floor.  The top floor was off limits – it was a retreat for the cat and also for babies in cots.  With so many people from so many different background, with worlds colliding you could see so many styles of parenting or lack thereof in action.

As much as some parenting styles did my head in, I don’t want to use this space to be a sancti-mummy.  I will say that days like today make me realise just how awesome my kids are – they rock!

The middle floor of the house looks like a toy shop has exploded in it.  A shelf was mysteriously pulled from the wall and a gigantic tub of beads was tipped down the stairs.  Then we move downstairs where a poker game is still continuing.  I think that tomorrow is going to hurt…

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One response to “The Happiest Day of the Year?

  1. Ali

    September 27, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    I didn’t even realise it was grand final day until half way through the day. The 13yo was unimpressed, I had an excuse as it was the (now) 11yo’s birthday but I’ve never completely missed the footy season before, as I did this year. It was quite nice, actually!


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