Simple but Great

26 Sep

Today was a really great day although it had the potential to be all bad. The potential bad began at 1.42am when I was rudely awoken by the sound of the geriatric cat puking on the floor. There is nothing better than the smell of undigested cat puke to rouse you from your slumber. Actually I am wrong, the smell that eminated from round 2 of cat puke fest was worse – partially digested cat food. Of course round 2 commenced mere minutes after a bout of insomnia ended, at 2.56am. The trifecta was compete with puke number 3 just after 9am! Toss in a restless sleep sharing a bed with boy-child the bed hog who woke at 6.30am and the day was off to a flying start.

Luckily the day improved rapidly with the delivery of beautiful new furniture and huge cubby houses made from empty boxes followed by a drop in visit by friends that not only was fun for us all but distracted boy-child from pain. The weather was beyond ordinary, cold and wet – perfect for the holidays!

We went shopping during the afternoon with Lil Sis who was staying at our place for dinner as Pommy Boy and man-child were going out to a comedy show. Dinner ended up being home made pizza at the neighbours house. The food was great and the company better.

By the time we went home, the show was over and the others were home. The kids went to bed and we sat around chatting for another few hours. What made the night even better was man-child declaring that he actually enjoys Pommy Boy’s company! I hate to admit that they wouldn’t get along and it would strain family relationships and more importantly my friendship with Lil Sis.

So today was a great day and we all lived happily ever after. The End.

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