Catch Up Time

14 Sep

Many times over the past few days I have thought of awesomely interesting blog posts, well at least one interesting blog post but I have been too busy, lazy or distracted to actually blog.  Then as I have the memory capacity of a door knob I promptly forgot what I was planning on blogging.  That brings me to now with too much I want to say or comment upon, yet without the intellect to actually do so coherently so instead I go for the cop-out bullet post.  Here we go again…

  • I made cookies yesterday but couldn’t be bothered hanging around the house for them to all cook.  I cooked one batch and put the rest of the dough in the fridge so I could have fresh cookies next weekend for Lil Sis’s baby shower.  The logic was sound but have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE cookie dough?  I have been snacking on it all evening.  I even made them gluten free so I don’t have any unexpected cramps from eating too much!
  • Just when you start to feel really good about an achievement, you read an unexpected status update that hits you for a six.  I am feeling good about being able to run for 5km in a decent enough time without feeling like I am going to die, then read that a friend who is not in the least way athletic (not actually saying that I am) updates her status saying that she only had time to run 9+km today before she had to pick up her kids.  I mean I am awesomely happy for her but damn why can’t I run that far, or why can’t I find/make the time to even try to run further?  How do I find extra hours in the day to try?
  • In other running related news, my ankle still hurts, in fact it is more of a cankle than an ankle.  Although it is swollen it isn’t bruised at all so there is no point in taking photos of it to try an elicit sympathy.  In fact it is quite bizarre in that it doesn’t hurt when I run or walk but it aches when I sit or stand.  Go figure?
  • It took all day yesterday to clean up the bomb site that the monsters kids have been calling their bedroom.  That said, all the things I couldn’t find a house for in their room is now in tubs and boxes in the study just waiting for me to sort through.  Somehow doing a bullet post cop out blog is more exciting than sorting through the rest of the mess.
  • The above said mess is so great that I am forced to sit on the floor beside the couch as there is no room on the couch.  I really should be sorting it out…
  • We have ordered yet another bookcase for downstairs, just another storage facility to hide crap so hopefully I don’t have to spend as much time sorting, culling and reorganising.
  • The more I sit in this room the more I realise there is a faint underlying urine odour.  The stupid geriatric cat has peed behind the tv cabinet again.  I tried to kill the smell yesterday and succeeded in melting away the top layers of my fingernails with hydrogen peroxide.  Not so clever but it did remove much of the smell.
  • And speaking of geriatric cats – I was all set for a long luxurious sleep in yesterday, both kids were away and man-child had gone downstairs to waste time and money playing poker online.  There was no reason at all to get up until she puked on the bedroom floor.  It was by far the worst smelling cat puke ever and woke me from my slumber in the most disturbing fashion.
  • We had to cancel a picnic meeting with friends yesterday afternoon as girl-child had a low grade fever and was complaining of a major headache, nothing major probably as a result of staying up late.  I desperately wanted to go to the picnic but it wouldn’t have been fair to share whatever was ailing her with other friends, especially as they have just returned from the Philippines where they adopted the most adorable boy ever.
  • As for fever, the beautiful Bianca spent her last day of chemo in hospital instead of celebrating.  The good news is she is home now and looking as gorgeous as ever, drop by her blog to see just how amazing she and her family truly are!
  • In other news, elements of work were shown in a doco on TV last night so I spent the better part of today explaining my role to the well-intentioned people wanting to know how they could be a part.  It wasn’t exactly how I had planned to spend the day and not entirely productive.
  • The work day improved and ended with a fantastic discussion with a group of teens about their cyber footprint and how they live in an online world.

So there it is, how I have spent the last few days.   I have been busy in other areas that are not so ‘exciting’, in fact they were downright draining but they are other people’s stories so I will leave it there.  My dilemma now, clean up the mess, watch tv or read blogs?  Perhaps I should try multi task and do an ordinary job of all three!


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2 responses to “Catch Up Time

  1. Ali

    September 15, 2009 at 12:19 am

    I hope your ankle feels better. That is a bit weird but don’t push it rest it!

    I think 5k’s is grand. You are awesome and if you wanted to build up to 9 plus k’s I am sure you could.

    Yuck, sorry, cat wee and vomit are pretty much why we don’t have a cat!

    Blogging is the best procrastination tool!

  2. Shannon

    September 15, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Honey, I think you are a TOTAL ROCKSTAR for being able to run 5km! I don’t think I could run 1km! 🙂


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