Bedtime Stories are Totally Random

09 Sep

For some reason my motivation to get dinner ready and the kids shipped off to bed at a normal hour tonight just wasn’t there.  It was ‘normal’ dinner time before I even thought about getting dinner ready so we were well behind schedule before it was ready.  Perhaps it was me knowing that I am not going to work in the morning that made me not hurry, or maybe it was simply the fact that I was exhausted after a challenging day at work today.  Either way it was a relaxing afternoon and early evening.

As we were all eating dinner and chatting away I Continued in my lazy/relaxed mode.  I asked if the kids wanted to jump into the hot tub or if they were tired enough to just go to bed.  Naturally they were a little hyper and decided they needed a big bath, but only if we had a big bath too.  Again with nothing better to do we decided to join them, we being man-child, E and I.

The kids jumped into the bath and we followed, man-child and I both bringing along a glass of wine to try and relax.  Of course with 5 people in the hot tub and 2 of those being over excited monsters there wasn’t much time for relaxation.

It was now after 7 and around here that means it is after bed-time.  Still in my lazy mode I was thinking of ways to streamline the getting ready for bed process which is pretty typical and around here is bath (of some sort unless I don’t have the energy), teeth, toilet, book time, cuddlekiss and finally bed.  Bath was happening but the rest of the to-do items might take a little time and effort so I suggested that instead of reading books we make up our own bedtime stories.  Girl-child was immediately interested and declared that we play the story telling game whereby she starts a story and then it gets passed around the circle with everyone contributing to the story.  Now this is a game we have played in the past and is always enjoyable.

The first story for tonight started off logically, 2 sisters Rose White and Rose Red were home together when their parents went out for dinner.  Now that seems like a logical starting place for a bed time story but all that changed really quickly.  Before we knew it Rose Red was in the forest sniffing the roses and the wolf that was hiding behind the rose bushes leaped out to attack Rose Red.  The wolf attacked her with kisses!

Of course Rose White, not knowing where her sister is, went out to look for her.  Now she was attacked by a wicked witch before she had a chance to find Rose Red so instead of looking for her sister she went shopping instead.  Now what is it that every young girl goes shopping for?  Granny pants of course, really huge harry high-pants undies.  Now once you have granny pants you need to team them up with baby red pants, you actually need 2 pair of them – for your ears!

Rose White wore the jocks on her ears until the spell from the wicked witch wore off and then she wondered why she had the jocks on her ears when in fact they were bought for her to wear on her feet, with her toes out each little leg hole as she only had 2 toes on each foot.  As she put on her sock-like jocks she realised that she would be really good at climbing trees, just like a monkey.  Instead of going inside she went out to the yard and climbed a tree.  Using the strength in her 2 toed feet, she hung upside down in the tree, just like a bat and went to sleep.

Meanwhile back in the forest it was getting dark, Rose Red used her 7 foot glow in the dark eyelash to help her get home safely.  Of course with a giant glow in the dark eyelash, every time Rose Red blinked her eyelash would break the things around her, so between the monster eyelash and her mechanical robot arms she was often destroying something.  When she was nearly home, she blinked and knocked a hole in the fence.  It made it easy for her to get in to the back yard.  Unfortunately she blinked again, this time knocking down the tree that Rose White was hanging upside down in as she slept.  Luckily Rose White was able to grab hold of the giant 7 foot glow in the dark eyelash and be safely lowered to the ground where both girls went back inside to wait for their mum and dad to get home and they lived happily ever after.  The End.

Needless to say the story telling involved so much laughing that we cried, as well as the acting out of various scenes.  The gigantic 7 foot glow in the dark eyelash was even responsible for knocking a glass of red wine into the hot tub!

Bedtime story number 2 was equally as random and included bubbles in swimwear, explosions, m&ms, monsters made of snot invading a planet and much melting chocolate that flooded the neighbourhood.

I never said my family was normal, or even anything close, but they sure are entertaining.  With imaginations like this, who knows what they will come up with next!

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One response to “Bedtime Stories are Totally Random

  1. Ellen

    September 10, 2009 at 9:43 am

    See, you did remember way more detail than me. That was SOOO much fun. I loved it. Lets laugh like that again soon!


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