How to Host a Baby Shower

08 Sep

It won’t be long until I am an aunt and I can’t wait.  How long until I have to wait remains to be seen.  At the last ultrasound they found that the placenta was still too low for a natural birth and in my understanding it is blocking the exit.  If the placenta is still low at her next scan in 2 weeks she will be booked in for a c-section.  In true me fashion when Lil Sis sent me a message saying all of this I knew she was disappointed and not able to talk.  Instead of dwelling on the disappointment I sent back a text enquiring if I would be allowed in to get photos of the slice and dice as opposed to the bush and breakfast photos I was planning on taking.  Classy I know, but it worked, it distracted her momentarily from the disappointment and made her laugh.

We are now waiting for the next lot of scans to determine Billy’s arrival date, if all goes well and the placenta has moved far enough north for things to happen naturally Billy will arrive some time in mid October (girl-child is hoping for her birthday on the 19th).  If things remain the same and the exit is still blocked then she will be sliced in early October.

What that means is that I really need to get my act together, Billy could be here in as little as 3 and a 1/2 weeks – HOORAY.  What kind of big sister am I though?  I haven’t even planned the baby shower for her.  I have spent the last little while trawling the interwebs for advice on throwing a baby shower and essentially every site I have found states that the event should have been planned 2 months ago!  I was never going to be organised enough to plan an event 2 months before the date so now I am planning it 2 weeks before the date.  I have made some invites to be emailed out.  Sure it would be nicer if they were actually real invites that went in the mail but I can’t remember the last time I actually posted anything so starting now isn’t likely.  I have found pages and pages of tips and ideas on what to do at a baby shower but essentially I need help – I have only ever been to 1 or maybe 2 baby showers and I really don’t remember much about them as both times I was either heavily pregnant or had just given birth and my world was a fuzzy blur that I don’t remember.

Does any one have any advice on how to host a baby shower; things to do as well as food recommendations?  I like to follow the KISS principles – Keep It Simple Stupid but I want it to still be a special and hopefully fun day.  Help, anyone..?


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3 responses to “How to Host a Baby Shower

  1. PB

    September 8, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    who knew that you had your own little space.. sorry no babby shower tips but just wanted to say hi and thanks for Sunday – it was great to catch up.. Now should get to back to de-cluttering as the bench is a MESS.. thought that i would have a quick look at your blog but that was over an hour ago!!

  2. Mari

    September 10, 2009 at 3:57 am

    I don’t have any suggestions. I’m not a party planner.
    I just wanted to make a note that “bush and breakfast” made me want to puke. I like it!


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