Awesomely Awesomeness

06 Sep

It has been a while since I have loitered in these parts and normally the reason for my hibernation is that I feel like the whole world is going to implode, either that or my head is going to explode and I feel like crap and am sick of complaining all the time.  Well today things are different.  I have been away because I have been busy, insanely busy, but I am happy.

It is the middle of the afternoon on Father’s Day.  The house is momentarily quiet, boy-child has wandered over to a friend’s house to watch a movie and man-child has taken girl-child to visit a friend during half time of the football.  Of course all that peace and quiet will shatter in minutes when man-child returns to watch the rest of the football.  The awesomely awesomeness of the week may will change depending on the score of the football.  Currently his team, Collingwood is 10 points down but by the sounds of the sporadic cheering and shouting it sounds like it is a great match.  Of course that is half time down according to the TV and delayed telecast when in actual fact his team is currently 4 goals behind (24 point) at three quarter time.  I am making the most of my good mood by posting now rather than this evening when I am listening to his melancholy mopy moodiness.

So I hear you say, what has made me be in such a good mood?  Surely it can’t be work?  Well as strange as it sounds, I have been working insane hours and haven’t even had time to follow blogs.  Instead of working my typical 6 hour days and then going home to the kids I have had a few 12 hour days.  Sure they aren’t typical days, they have included dinner functions.

One of the dinner functions I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Ramadan celebration.  Now I am not a religious person at all, in fact I am quite oblivious to religion and what it involves but I do appreciate the sense of community and belonging that it can foster.  I admit that I was apprehensive before going to the dinner, so apprehensive in fact that I drove 30 minutes in the opposite direction to be able to travel to the dinner with colleagues!  I needn’t have worried, the other dinner guests (there were a few hundred more of them) were all wonderful and welcoming.  There were many different presentations throughout the night, as well as time for the practicing Muslims in the group to pray at the appropriate times.  I have to say that not only was the food amazing, but the evening was educational too.  I managed to learn more about the Muslim religion and culture in one evening than I have learnt in many years.  I was also pleasantly surprised that instead of being annoyed at my ignorance, the people I was sharing a table with were happy to explain elements of their belief to me and even to point out similarities between the religions of Islam and Christianity.  I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and it has left me wanting to learn more about religions and the communities that they foster as a result.

The second after hours work function was at an award ceremony, celebrating volunteers within the community.  My boss had encouraged me to nominate a volunteer that I have worked with this past year.  Another cross-sectorial colleague nominated the wife of the person I nominated.  Together we were very apprehensive, the nominees are selfless volunteers within the community and feel that they have already been recognised for all of their tireless work through the smiles and thanks of the people whom they constantly assist, that they really didn’t want or need to be recognised publicly.  That said, together they did win an award celebrating their excellent work within the community.  In their thank you speech, they were very humble and grateful for the award and recognition but again emphasised that they has already been recognised for their work by their friends in need.  It amazed me at just how selfless a family can be, I wish there were more families like theirs in fact I wish I wish I could be more like them.  Hopefully some of their beauty can rub off on me and I will also become a better person.

Speaking about families, have I mentioned that my family is ace?  Yesterday was a nothing day.  I say a nothing day because we had nothing planned but much to do.  Nothing exciting, grocery shopping and shoe shopping that involved a detour to a local park, watching the kids (all three of them) running wild and burning off excess energy and for me a chance to lie in the sunshine again.  It was relaxing and enjoyable, surprisingly it was even productive.

That brings me to today, Father’s Day.  It has become a tradition of sorts to catch up with friends for brunch.  We used to spend many a day together relaxing at the beach, playing in parks or exploring museums but with moves to different suburbs, additional children and now kids at school every day, the time to catch up is few and far between.  We made the effort today, well actually they made the effort to come over and eat at one of our local cafes.  Again the food was delicious, the company was great and the following walk along the river was enjoyable.  The kids spent the afternoon splashing about in the hot tub until the football began.

Man-child is the only one of us interested in the teams playing today. Actually he is the only one interested in the footy so everyone else drifted away, younger kids to have a sleep and older kids to play with other friends.  Me, I get an hour or two to catch up, get dinner ready and just enjoy the afternoon.

The football is about to end (in real life) and the scores aren’t in man-child’s favour.  We have friends coming over for an impromptu dinner so the mopiness will be improved by the great company.  It should be the perfect way to finish a great week.

In other news of awesomely awesomeness, friends have just travelled to the Philippines to complete their family.  After many many years of waiting their family of three is now a family of four as they brought home a beautiful little 2 year old boy to share their hearts, their home and their lives.  I am so happy for them that each time I think of them or see photos of them I am so overcome by happiness and love that my eyes well up and my chest feels like it is going to explode, I am over the moon happy for them.


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2 responses to “Awesomely Awesomeness

  1. Bec

    September 6, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    Sounds like a great few days, isn’t it great when work is good and has a positive impact on life for a change!

    I was blog surfing recently and stumbled across yours … I (we) regularly check superrelish but it is nice to get the grown up updates too.


  2. Leiani

    September 7, 2009 at 12:02 am

    So good to hear you are enjoying life. Long may it last!
    A bit more sleep from my end (baby screamed from 2 – 5am last night!) and I too, will be again loving life.


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