Diagnosis Confirmed

26 Aug

Well another long day with boy-child home from school meant another trip to the doctors office.  He is still not eating much, throwing up occasionally and has spent the majority of the day rolling around moaning and groaning.  The doctor confirmed the diagnosis as a lingering virus that since it is still around after 3 days it is likely to stick around for another few days maybe even a week if we are lucky!  In other words he has man-flu ant there is nothing that anyone can do to treat it.  All boy-child can do is rest and try to eat and drink as normal.  Sure his digestion is less than ordinary, but that probably has something to do with the lack of food intake.  If he would eat his body would have more strength to fight the virus that is traumatising me him.  Essentially the trip to the doctor was to encourage him to eat more to be able to recover since on the last trip to the doctor the need to keep up the fluids was reinforced so I was hoping the same would occur.

The diagnosis of man-flu was further confirmed in the car on the way home from the doctors office with a conversation that went something like this…

“So monkey, what should we have for lunch?” and he replied “I don’t want lunch, my tummy hurts.”

“How about some jelly or a yoghurt?” He declared “That won’t make me feel good.”

Being reeled in I ask him, “What food would make you feel good?”  He suggested “Maybe some KFC.  KFC always makes me feel good.”

“But KFC is greasy and will make your tummy all squirmy again!”  He stated the obvious “I know but it tastes good.”

“Sure it tastes good, but it might make you throw up again.”  Defending his request for crappy food, “That’s OK mama, my tummy feels better if I throw up, especially if I eat KFC!”

Now tell me, if you were sick (other than a hangover) would you want to eat greasy food that is going to make you throw up?  Me neither.  Instead of his request for KFC we headed over to Lil Sis’s place for some soup for me and yoghurt for the boy, some sanity for me and different movies for the lad.

Fingers crossed

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