Man-flu, junior version

24 Aug

The last few weeks seem to have been too much for the kids, too much excitement, too many late nights and generally way too much fun and it was bound to end in tears it was simply a question of whose tears.  After an tandem tantrum by both kids on the way to bed as a result of being overstimulated was a great start.  Thank god it wasn’t me who was on tuck in duty.

When he was finally settled in to bed, boy-child complained of a sore tummy.  That was the first sign of what could have been a long night.  Logic says that if you are likely to suffer from broken sleep you should go to bed early to capitalise on the few minutes available.  When the choice is the logic of sleep or Seeley Booth I am afraid that  Seeley wins hands down, even when the second episode was a repeat that I could actually remember.

I contemplated staying up to watch Vegas but knew that would just be insane, that said it was still around midnight before I went to bed, a mere 3 hours before the first wake up.  Luckily boy-child called out for dad to comfort him.  Whilst I didn’t actually have to get up, I still woke.  Eventually he was calmed enough to drift off to sleep, allowing man-child and I to get some sleep.

I had barely drifted off and the boy was awake again, with more stomach pains this time calling for me.  I spent almost an hour calming him, waiting for him to drift off and then trying to sneak out the door only for him to wake and cry out again.  I gave in and grabbed a doona out of the cupboard and curled up on the floor.  I didn’t have to do anything other than be in the same room.  When the snores were louder than the Gershwin I was listening to on my phone I decided that it was finally safe to sneak back to bed, one short hour before my alarm was due to wake me!

The choice for the day then was a) stay home with sick children (yes, plural – girl-child has a sympathetic illness to avoid going to school) or b) go to work extremely tired but at least not be at home using up the sick leave that I technically don’t have left!  The choice was easy, it was off to work for me.

I returned home this afternoon to hear boy-child beg to go to the doctor, the conclusion was not so surprising – a virus!  The evening has included much moaning and groaning, frequent bathroom trips and even vomiting.  This post writing was even interrupted by calls for help and begs for medicine.  Of course by the time I returned with the medicine he has rolled over and gone back to sleep.  I hate that my boy is unwell and I am astounded at the theatrics that go with it.  I am picturing another long night with more dramatics but hopefully no bodily fluid spillage.  My current dilemma – do I try and get some sleep or catch up on reading?

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One response to “Man-flu, junior version

  1. Ali

    August 24, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    Poor boy-child! Poor you! It’s a hard decision but I would go the sleep!


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