Yesterday, a great day

20 Aug

Yesterday was awesome.  I only worked for half a day yesterday as I had much better things to do – I had a school concert to attend and friends to spend time with.

Yesterday was the big day, the day of the whole school performance.  Naturally being a ‘whole school performance’ both kids were involved.  I had organised to go to the evening performance and man-child was going to the afternoon performance before finding out that friends from Tokyo were in town and only free last night to catch up.  That was all the encouragement I required to take the afternoon off work to go to the matinee performance.  One of our Japanese friends didn’t want to miss out on seeing the kids, so he asked to come along to the performance also.

I have to admit that if I were in another country for only a few days, going to a primary school performance would be the last thing that I would want to do, especially if said performance was in a language that I barely understood yet there he was, grinning from ear to ear during the entire show.  Yoshi clapped more vigorously than any other person in the audience and he took more photos than the proudest parents in the room.  He had a fantastic time.

The show itself was great (for a school concert).  I have to admit that I didn’t see it all, it was so hot in the hall that I had a coughing fit and had to go outside to recover.  I did see both performances that my guys were in and no doubt I will end up buying a copy of the dvd to sit on the shelf, unwatched.  The important part is that I was there and I cheered along with the rest of the crowd, even taking happy snaps that are practically impossible to see.  Instead look at girl-child the puppy, boy-child wasn’t interested in sitting still for long enough to have a photo taken.

The Puppy (& narrator)
The Puppy (& narrator)

After the performance and the surprise of having Yoshi in the audience, we all went out to grab a coffee and wait for a second surprise, more visitors.  My parents had driven to Melbourne to surprise the kids.  I really wish I had my camera out when my parents and Lil Sis walked in to the cafe.  The look on boy-child’s face was beautiful.

The afternoon was fantastic.  I never realised until then that my mum and probably my dad also, has never actually met a Japanese person before.  It isn’t because they are racist but because the area in which they live, the area in which I grew up is very caucasian.  When I was a kid the extent of racial diversity in town was a lone filipino woman and her caucasian husband who lived in town for a few brief years.  When I went to larger secondary school there was a little more diversity, but not much.  It still amazes me that I now live in an community that has more ethnic diversity than the entire town and schools that I attended!  What was more amazing and also amusing was seeing Yoshi and my dad happily chatting away, again not because it was a shocking situation but because my dad is partially deaf and whilst Yoshi speaks English really well, dad struggles with accents!  Cultural diversity aside, it was a great afternoon.  The kids didn’t know who to spend their time with, their grand parents, Lil Sis or Yoshi so they spent their time running from one to another.

After we dropped the kids off at the venue for the second concert performance with my parents and sister, I headed out to dinner with my best friends and Yoshi, his beautiful wife and daughter.  It was a great evening, reminiscing about my trip to Japan, my friend’s times in Japan and more importantly planning new adventures with another trip to Japan next year.  My visit to Japan was sans kids.  I know that they would have had a fantastic time in Tokyo and are really looking forward to visiting there.

My favourite photo of the day, girl-child and Yoshi, hand in hand walking along the road together.

Great Friends

Great Friends

If only I had the camera out a second earlier when they were skipping along the road together.

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