FACT – my running skills totally bite

19 Aug

My case in point

Monday, week 5 day 3 I missed Friday due to an extra early start and couldn’t play catch up due to extra work, a weekend away and bucket loads of rain.  Anyway, back to the story, Monday week 5 day 3 involved a 5 minute warm up followed by 20 minutes of jogging and a 5 minute cool down.  20 minutes of jogging WITHOUT STOPPING.  Let’s just say that it nearly killed me but I managed to shuffle around very slowly for 20 minutes.

Today, week 6 day 1 was the typical 5 minute warm up and cool down and the running part consisted of a 5 minute jog, 3 minute walk, 8 minute jog, 3 minute walk and a 5 minute jog.  Now while I felt just as crappy running today as I did on Monday, I ran further, way further.

Now I admit that I am no genius but lets do the maths here…

Monday run = 20 minutes

Wednesday run = 5 + 8 + 5 = 18 minutes

Therefore I had a whole 2 minutes more of running on Monday and should have travelled more distance.  Admittedly there was the walking in-between section of 3 + 3 minutes, but that is only 6 minutes.  Now I get that 6 minutes of walking, even at my deathly slow pace that involves far too much daydreaming and looking for starfish should or could be faster than 2 minutes of jogging, but it shouldn’t be that much difference.  I was almost back to the start of the loop, to the cool down section before I had even begun the last 5 min jogging section.  In fact I had to slightly extend my running track and that extra section happened to involve a small hill and a set of stairs to ensure that I actually had room to finish the run component of the training.

So there you have it, my amazing running ability, some math and it isn’t even 7.30 yet.  Time to get going for the day and stop all this thinking


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2 responses to “FACT – my running skills totally bite

  1. Mari Ickes

    August 19, 2009 at 10:56 am

    I think you are doing an amazing job! I don’t even know how you have the energy to blog so much, let alone to wake up early to go run!

  2. Ali

    August 19, 2009 at 10:27 pm

    You are awesome. I am very down about my body at the moment and am planning to use you as my inspiration to make some changes as soon as I am physically able. You’re doing really well!


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