18 Aug

Yesterday, I was sitting with a friend sipping bubbles, chatting and relaxing after the madness of another Monday.  The kids were doing their usual kid like stuff, girl-child playing with a friend and boy-child playing wii.  I was pleasantly surprised when boy-child self regulated his wii time and came inside to snuggle, sneak chocolate and generally provide all round entertainment.

When the chocolate supply was cut off, boy-child decided it was time to play golf – his clubs hadn’t made it out to the garage and were still inside from the weekend away.  He was quite perturbed that man-child had left his clubs in his bag so he took them out and put them on the floor in the lounge.  Now despite the house being far from tidy, having golf clubs on the floor is something unnecessary for me to clean up later so naturally I asked boy-child to put them back.  The conversation went something like this…

“Boy-child, can you please put dad’s golf clubs away?”

Whining as only a 7 year old can, “Do I have to?”

Said in a slightly sterner voice, “Please put the golf clubs away.”

Boy-child grumbled, “Oh, I hate those kinds of pleases!”

My friend was sitting there perplexed, “What kind of please?”

Boy-child continued to grumble as he took all the golf clubs out to the garage, “The have-to pleases.  That kind of please means I have-to do something or mum will get grumpy!”

Naturally my friend nearly wet herself trying not to laugh at the wisdom of a child who of course was right, I would have been grumpy if he left golf clubs on the lounge floor!

My Little Golf Pro

My Little Golf Pro

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