14 Aug

In less than 8 short hours I will be back at work.  Logic says that knowing that I have to go in to work extra early would equate to going to bed at a reasonable hour, but like I mentioned, that would be logical.  Me I sat around waiting for a late game of netball because everyone knows that there is nothing like playing sport instead of sleeping.  Now that I am back from netball, I am sweaty and smelly and in need of a shower.

Damn, I have just realised that if I am going to start work at 6.30am, the time that I would normally be enjoying the peace and quiet of the pre-dawn day trying to run around the river.  It is going to throw out my schedule completely.  My dilemma, do I get up extra extra early to run tomorrow, try to run after work tomorrow or early Saturday morning before work?  Do I just give myself a break and take a day off knowing that the plan for Week 5 Day 3 includes a 20 minute run WITHOUT STOPPING.   I think that is scaring me more than anything but I don’t want to chicken out this far into the program.

In other news, I am picturing a few days of no internet and I don’t know what I will do.  I struggle at work not having real internet access so having no access will be even more challenging.  Actually I do know what I will do, I will be busy.  After an extra long day at work tomorrow I am spending the evening with friends, decorating cupcakes, eating takeout because who really wants to cook after a long long week?  Just for something new, I will be working briefly on Saturday before heading off for a weekend in the country.  Man-child is going skydiving on Sunday morning so we decided to make a weekend of it and head bush to try and relax.  Although with 2 kids who will want to explore everywhere, I don’t imagine that there will be too much time for relaxing.  However there will be plenty of time to take photos!

At some stage I also have to finish off 3 puppy dog costumes for girl-child and her friends for their school performance next week.  I have no idea when that will happen.  I think that I will be forgoing sleep at some stage.  Perhaps I should think about going to bed some time soon, or perhaps my macbook will decide for me and run out of batteries and force me to sleep instead of catching up in the online world.

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