The Day is Getting Better

12 Aug

So it is mid afternoon and I have to say that the day has improved.  Work was work-like but not too tragic, except for the notification that I need to start work at 6.30am on Friday morning.  I had to leave early to take boy-child in to the hospital for a review of his bionic elbow.  I preempted a long long sit at the hospital waiting.  I was organised, we had a lunch box, a snack bag, kid books, a book for me and a fully charged phone.  Surely that would cover us for the potentially huge wait.  He was in and out for the xray and then it was time to go see the orthopedic surgical consultant.  The appointments are scheduled for an hour apart but it seems that the times are arbitrary so we went straight upstairs.  It is never a good sign when you arrive at the clinic to be confronted with a sign saying the clinic is closed for lunch and will re-open at 1.30pm and it was only 1pm.  Out come the supplies and we settled in to wait.  The waiting area filled quickly.  Soon there were no seats left and still more people were arriving and I was happy to have my book.

Eventually the reception area re-opened.  Boy-child showed very assertive skills, surely not inherited from me, and was able to gain his rightful place in line to go through to the clinic.  Still, I wasn’t sure if appointment times would be adhered to, so I kept my book out and boy child was happy to keep playing on my phone.  Let’s say that I was pleasantly surprised when we were called through to see our doctor right on the scheduled appointment time.  The doctor is lovely and is very pleased with the way that boy-child’s arm has healed.  He has regained about 90% of his extension and full flexion.  He almost has full rotation and no pain, even when you press on the screw that is now visible since the swelling has finally reduced.  In fact he is so pleased with the progress that he has started the progress of booking him in for surgery – at this stage in late September, during the school holidays.

We were in and out in plenty of time.  I didn’t even have to worry about getting a parking ticket.  (Of course I am too tight to pay for parking at the hospital, instead we park around the corner where it is free for 2 hours and then a ginormous ticket after that!)  We even had time to do a grocery shop before heading back to collect girl-child from school.  Despite spending an hour trying to arrange a contingency plan for girl-child to be collected from school should the need arise, I was glad to be back in time to collect her myself.  (Thanks for being there to help out again E.)

By the time we all made it home, I was starving.  Just because I was clever enough to have packed a snack bag doesn’t mean I was smart enough to eat any of it.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat so I convinced girl-child to bake a cake so that I could eat the batter.  We both ate way too much batter, bringing on a sugar rush head spin but it was worth it, it was totally delicious.

The cake is cooked but looks like half a cake, I think we ate far too much.  I will include girl-child in the blame game for this although she ate very little batter and instead ate cheese.  Perhaps we should have used a smaller tin but I figure that the larger the surface area of the cake the more frosting it requires and now that the cake is cooked it is all about the frosting!

I am sure that by the time I finish (I need to start first) putting the shopping away the cake will be cool enough to frost and I will be ready for another sugar rush.  That sugar rush will pass and then it will be time for take-out, cake and bubbles to celebrate a friends birthday.  First things first, shopping away, feed the kids and settle them in bed and let the relaxation begin.

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One response to “The Day is Getting Better

  1. Ali

    August 12, 2009 at 10:26 pm

    Hope you are having a lovely relaxing evening. I’m so glad that boy-child’s arm is doing so well.


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