12 Aug

Reasons to call it a day and curl up in bed.

Being Wednesday it is one of my self imposed must run days.  Now most mornings I have woken before the alarm sounds adn I am in that restful state of anticipation for the day to begin and am feeling somewhat good.  Today the alarm goes off when I am in a dead sleep and it frightens me awake, causing me to frighten the cat who then manages to scratch my shoulder as she is woken.  I don’t let myself go back to sleep, instead I get up and grab the rest of my running gear and sneak down stairs.  I hear boy-child stirring so I wait on the stairs for a few minutes, ensuring he settles back to sleep before continuing.

I make it down stairs safely and finish dressing.  I realise that I have left my polar fleece vest upstairs, the one with the zip pockets so I don’t have to carry my phone.  Oh well, it won’t kill me to have to carry the phone.  Damn, my socks have holes in them.  I knew they had holes in them when I put them on last night I was just to lazy to do anything about it then.  Then the trifecta, I can’t find my ear buds.  Now how am I supposed to do the couch to 5km if I can’t hear the prompts?  I check the bench, where I last saw them and remembered putting them there.  No joy.  I checked my bag thinking that in some deluded manner that I had actually put them away.  Totally delusional.  I had no choice and go back upstairs to get a pair of emergency ear buds from the study, the ones that are classed as emergency only as they don’t fit my phone properly with this cover on it.  Still, better than nothing.  I grab my vest whilst I am upstairs, of course I forgot to get different socks.

That whole process of getting ready to go, something that literally takes 5 minutes today took 15.  Off to a great start.  Eventually, out I go into the cold Melbourne morning, flick on the couch to 5km drop the phone into my pocket and start my ‘brisk’ walk warmup.  I get to the point on my walk when the jog noise sounds, but nothing.  I check my phone only to see that it had turned itself (the c25km program) off.  I switch it back on and continue walking.  I checked a few minutes later to see that it had turned itself off again.  I gave up on putting the phone back in my pocket and continued on.  By the time my warm-up was complete I had been out for more than 10 minutes.  On a normal day I would be on the home stretch, today I hadn’t even started the hard part, the actual running part.

The running part wasn’t too bad, despite the timing being all wrong meaning I had to run cross country to get over the bridge and then down the steps the other side.  No drama really, but I prefer to walk this section if the timing is right – I try to not be running in public, especially when it is daylight.  Besides when I run over the bridge I have a compulsive urge to stretch my tired stride to ensure that I only do one step in each square of concrete on the path and that is more exhausting than normal running.

The recovery walk after running was much appreciated but before long it was time for the second 8 minute run.  Now considering that it was much later in the loop that I began this run, I was too close to home.  I had to extend the loop and go cross country to avoid being hit by cyclists.  I finished the run component of the program over the road from home.  I could see that the light was on in the kids room so instead of wandering around the park to cool down I came in expecting to deal with tired grumpy kids.

I staggered in to a quiet house.  Yes the lights were on but no one was up.  It was the perfect time to sit down and catch up on blogging instead of cooling down.  I know I will pay for it later in the day and tomorrow but sitting is good.

The kids finally came downstairs and have insisted on making their own breakfast – flavour porridge from a box.  I guess the least I could do is get their lunch ready and get organised for the day.  Perhaps it will be a decent day after all.

Edited to add – perhaps not so decent.  I went to have a nice hot shower to escape the noise of two hyperactive kids only to find that today hot really is only tepid, and only tepid when there is no cold water turned on.  My hot shower was not to be.  In fact it was so cold that I shivered until my nose bled.  It is still cold, I am still cold but at least I am not smelly any more.  Such a beautiful start to the day.  Surely it can only get better?

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One response to “Next!

  1. Leiani

    August 12, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    Oh my – you certainly had a challenging morning! Wednesdays are the worst day, middle of the week, had enough of work and the weekend still seems so far away.

    Hope your day gets better.


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