Awards and Dinner Conversations

10 Aug

Sitting around the dinner table tonight chatting with the kids and catching up on the days activities, I remembered that the kids had convinced me to stay for assembly at school that morning and for once I was glad I did – boy-child won an award.  I didn’t have my camera with me but managed to get a photo with my phone.  Of course when the presentations are taking place at the front of the hall and I am sitting right at the back, this is the type of picture you get.

Boy-child wins an award!

Boy-child wins an award!

Of course I knew the picture was going to be way below ordinary so when the assembly was over I quickly ran around to the exit to do the overbearing mum thing congratulate him and of course take another photo.  Now one would think that standing outside with very few distractions I would be able to get a decent photo of him AND his award.  Unfortunately, not with my photography skills.  I managed to get a blurry photo of him, I just couldn’t seem to get one of him with the award.

Enough with the photos!

Enough with the photos!

Now looking at the photo you could almost imagine him saying ‘Mum, you are embarrassing me!’  In actual fact he was impatiently waiting for me to hurry up and take the photo so he could give me a cuddle kiss before running off to class!  I love my boy, and I hope he is always happy to give me a cuddle kiss in public.

Now back to the story…

When he was prompted about his award, boy-child quickly ran to his bag to get it out and show us.  His award was for ‘confidently taking on different roles in our performance’.  Naturally the conversation then drifted to the upcoming whole school performance next week.  Girl-child has happily chatted about her role in the concert for weeks, she is playing the dog in the story of the Gingerbread Man.  In fact it has led to tears on many an occasion when she has wanted to help with costume production instead of sleeping.  (Actually I should be finishing costumes now.)

Boy-child finally disclosed what his roles in the performance were going to be.  The story they are re-enacting is the Leaf, a book by one of my favourite authors but I haven’t had a chance to pick up a this book yet.  Aparently boy-child has a few parts in the performance, one of which is as a fly-catcher.  Now I assume that the book is about plant life, but I wasn’t quite sure so I asked if he was a person who catches flies or if he was a plant.  Instead of taking the easy option and saying he was a plant, he went on to describe the plant.  ‘You know I am that plant that looks like pacman and it chomps on flies not ghosts!’  Clearly a sign that boy-child has been playing with my iphone again, but I think he may have something…


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