Almost Awesome

07 Aug

I had planned on posting last night.  I wasn’t planning on much but I thought the awesomeness of the day needed to be mentioned.  Dare I say it but work rocked.  The day I had planned was off-site and going to be frantically busy but by some miraculous alignment of the planets everything fell into place and was better, much better than I could have anticipated.

After picking up the kids from school I realised that I had a few things to do in the office so we all jumped in the car.  Now generally the kids don’t really enjoy being dragged along to work with me but they hadn’t seen my new office so were interested to come along.  When I arrived a colleague had the same idea, she needed to tie up a few loose ends so she dragged her kids into the office also.  Amazingly all 4 kids played together the entire time we were in the office and there were no ‘can we go yet?’ comments at all.  In fact they were all mildly disappointed when we declared it was home time.

We walked outside and all of the kids ran off together.  We looked up just to see them walking into the local library.  We were mildly concerned that they would just go into the library, or any unfamiliar building, without us but soon discovered that they were lured  inside by the balloon giveaway they were having.  Each kid left the library not with books but with helium balloons, 3 each.

Finally we made it home with just enough time to get dinner ready.  Normally a rushed dinner isn’t very appreciated but both kids went back for more, in fact they both ate more dinner than I did and it was healthy – bonus!  There were no arguments when I declared that it was real bath time as opposed to time for a hot tub and book selection was a breeze.  The kids settled on reading a chapter book that has been sitting on the shelf, unread for some time.  The book Fast Food and No Play Makes Jack a Fat Boy is a look at the eating and exercise of our children.  The book probably isn’t aimed at kidsbut the way it is written allowed us to actually read a chapter, discuss what Jack was doing tha might be unhealth and what he could do that would be more healthy and then looked at the actions listed to assist Jack become healthier.  Now not only did the kids get the subtleties of the branding in the book, they understood why the fast food and sedentary lifestyle made Jack overweight and unhealthy.  Not only was that impressive but we already do most of the actions listed.  Yay us!

When it was time for  bed I was thinking that the day had gone far too well, that it was time something went wrong.  Fortunately I was wrong, the kids bombed out pretty quickly.  I had grand plans to go for a nanna nap but was sidetracked attempting to clean my study again/still.  Even wading through mess wasn’t enough to dampen my mood – my day was awesome.

That brings me to today.  There is no way the planets could stay aligned for me (or anyone else) to experience two awesome days.  Again I was wrong.  I had an early start to go to a training course.  Now the last time I had to catch a train in to the city during peak hour I stood on the platform and watched 3 trains pass by, too full to fit another passenger on without a few dozen Japanese train boarding assistants.  Last time, after an hour of waiting for a train I gave up and cancelled my training day.  Today the first train that arrived had enough room for me to board.  It may not have been comfortable but it wasn’t quite like a sardine tin.

I arrived at the training centre extra early and had time to do a little work before the day began.  The course itself was actually really interesting, well presented and most importantly it ‘cut to the chase’.  We didn’t waste time learning about irrelevancies we focused on what we actually needed to know and would use – a totally foreign concept for many of the training courses I have attended.  Since the presentations were so concise I was actually able to get back in to the office to finish of a few final reports enabling me to take tomorrow off – hooray!

The after school madness included dancing for both kids, girl-child has finally decided that she wants to dance again.  She joined a great class at the same school that boy-child attends and their class times are only 15 minutes apart in start and finish time.  Just to make the afternoon even more surprising was meeting some of the other parents, shock horror but they were actually nice, normal even.  I was almost in a state of shock.  It is great to be at a dance school that keeps both kids happy but when the parents are user friendly and not catty it is a bonus.

That brings me to the evening.  Man-child was home in time to bbq some meat for us for dinner so I quickly whipped up a salad to go with it and again the kids ate all their dinner and asked for more.  We continued to read the same chapter book and again I was pleased to see that we already do most of the recommended actions.  Bed time arrived and the kids jumped into bed with no hassles and didn’t complain when I turned off the main light.

Although they were later to bed than usual because of dance, they were still settled by 7.45pm giving me time to get ready for netball.  Still thinking that everything was going to well, I am time for something controversial we played netball and won.  Again I don’t know how our team is competitive but I wasn’t complaining it is actually nice to win for a change!

I returned home from the game, suitably hot and sweaty to a lovely quiet house with a bottle of chilled bubbles waiting,  knowing that my favourite TV show Rush was available for streaming.  I settled in for a long relaxing evening.

So how is that for an awesome couple of days?  I am still in disbelief that I could have such a good few day at work and at home, to be followed up with a day off to catch up with Lil Sis and then it is the weekend and dinner out with friends.  Totally freaking awesome.  The only thing that has marred this evening is boy-child waking complaining of a sore throat and aching knees.  Fortunately a quick cuddle and head pat seemed to soothe him and he drifted back off to sleep and I was able to get back to my awesome relaxing and enjoying.

Fingers crossed that the awesomeness will continue and also that you have some awesome in your lives too.  Good night.

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One response to “Almost Awesome

  1. lou

    August 7, 2009 at 11:25 am

    Okay, you beat me to the comments thing. Was on my mind, but my mind sometimes works sloooowly.
    Lovely to meet you last night, sorry we didn’t get much of a chance to chat, but can I just say that I’m glad you didn’t find us too scary.
    I don’t know how you fit it all in. My idea of exercise is swimming a couple of days a week with the over 70’s, weight challenged crowd. WHO ARE FASTER THAN ME.


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