Holiday Fun?

12 Jul

I used to love school holidays with endless lists of fun things to do, school holiday programs and the kids begging to go to my parents for a holiday.  It used to be that there were far too many things to do and not enough days in the holidays to enjoy all that was on offer.  The last school holiday period was exhausting to say the least, with broken arms, hospital stays, raging fevers, infections and of course chicken pox.  I managed to use up most of my leave and all of my sick leave just surviving the last lot of holidays, as a result, my love of the school holidays is not so great.  Finding a holiday program that suits both kids, that is near by and is affordable is harder than I ever imagined.  Of course trying to find a balance between working almost full time hours and keeping the kids entertained is near on impossible but somehow we seem to have survived.  Today is the last day of school holidays and tomorrow it is back to school and some sort of normalcy around here I hope.

I feel like I haven’t done anything special with the kids this holiday.  In fact it has been so spectacularly ordinary that I am miles behind on the kids blog and need to play catch up.  It is time to flick through the photos to actually see where we have been and what we have been doing.  Here goes another bullet list!


  • We played changing rooms (again).  The kids are sharing a bedroom again, apparently forever because they like being able to keep each other company.  They are sharing primarily to make room for a gorgeous student who has been staying with us for 3 weeks and will be here for another week.
  • We had a girl’s morning out, looking at the Barbie Forever exhibition and making our own Barbie dolls.
  • We celebrated man-child’s birthday with too much cake and a trip to the Healesville Sanctuary.
  • The girl’s began another craft project but I haven’t had the time nor the energy to help them finish them, perhaps one day after school they will be completed.
  • We celebrated hair cut day, with both kids and two of their friends getting their hair cut.  Boy-child is devastated that his hair is now too short.  He was after short back and sides with long hair at the top and front that he can constantly sweep to the side, emo style.  Now it is short all over, really short and he isn’t a happy chappy!  
  • We visited Harbour Town.  Of course with kids in tow their was no time for shopping but they did get to play on the carousel and chase ‘snow flakes’ (bubbles).
  • The school holiday program we found was fantastic, albeit expensive and negating the concept of working to have extra cash!  
  • Sharing the love of Ikea with the kids.  Now they not only love visiting the store and climbing through the displays, they also like making the items purchased AND know how to follow the instructions to build the item correctly.
  • Throw in a few birthday parties, a few tantrums and lots of late nights for everyone and I am really, really looking forward to school starting back tomorrow, I might be able to rest a little (or at least settle back into a routine of madness and insanity).

July School Holidays

Hooray for bullet lists and photos, I now feel like the kids haven’t been neglected all holidays.

So what should we do to for the last day of the holidays?  Do we go out and try and find something special to do or do I leave the kids to their own devices and listen to them play Harry Potter over and over again?  I wonder if I can convince them that they need a nanna nap this afternoon?

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One response to “Holiday Fun?

  1. Ashlea

    July 12, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Oh wow, that does sound busy!!!

    heres hoping you will get to relax a bit while they are at school. 🙂

    It would be great to see the Barbies you guys made! I heard about that… Sounds like a fun thing to do.


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