My ‘Old’ Man

05 Jul

Today my man was able to add yet another year to his age and is now at the ripe old age of 36.  Now naturally having a birthday requires celebrating and in our case, 2 days of celebrating.

Last night it was time for a lamb roast with my family (because having dinner with your outlaws just what every man wants for their birthday!) followed by cakes – butter cake, brownies and shortbread.   Far too much food was followed by presents a day early.  The kids had helped me shop for gifts – Star Wars lego and Space Police lego.  Man child is lucky that he loves lego and that his birthday coincides with the major toy sales.  Of course he had purchased himself the birthday present he really wanted, an iphone.  

My Wonderful Family

My Wonderful Family

Today we all traipsed out to Healesville to go to the sanctuary.  The rain held off but it was a mighty cold day and we were all rugged up and wearing beanies.  Now man-child looks great in hats but when he wears a beanie he looks like a thug, more than ever when he is sporting a beautiful shiner.


The Shiner

The Shiner



Now of course he is a gentle giant and the shiner is a result of an elbow vs the eye socket during a game of basketball and quite clearly the elbow won.

Happy 36th birthday man-child.  I have had a wonderful weekend with you and our amazing family.  Shiner or not I love you and hope that you had a wonderful birthday too.

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