Man Flu Strikes Again

02 Jul

Man flu has entered the building, we must all stop and show sympathy whether we feel it or not because man flu is the most exhausting, debilitating, body achey, snot fest, stuffy head world of pain to hit our world.    Now normally man flu isn’t a problem, we all go about our daily doings and leave the house in peace and quiet so the ill one can recuperate.  Well that is the usual deal when said ill one is male, but not today.  You see, it is still school holidays and that means the kids will be at home all day and I had work that I really needed to do, at work, in the office.  

Now holiday child care is a minor nightmare, I have only sporadic child care so I take leave to cover the childcare-less days.  Today wasn’t a planned stay at home day, it was one of the few days that I had care orgainsed; I had arranged for a friends daughter to come over and sit with the kids and keep them entertained.  

So today started just like any other day – I woke albeit a little later than usual and got everyone organised for the day.  This included, but was not limited to ensuring everyone ate breakfast, made lunch for the student that is staying with us, checked emails, pureed the pumpkin and lentil soup that was in the crockpot overnight ready for lunch, hung out another load of washing, cleaned the kitchen, confirmed that the clothes that the kids were wearing were actually suitable for winter and I even had time for a cup of tea whilst reading the junk mail.  Just a typical morning in the superRelish house really.  In actual fact I was ready earlier than I needed to be and I had time to sit on the couch with the kids and watch Harry Potter again.

I wandered upstairs at 8.30 to enquire if man-child was going to go to work today.  He mumbled that he was dying too sick and thought he would stay home.  Now being my usual sensitive snarky self I commented that it made sense that we paid a baby sitter to entertain the kids so that he could rest all day.  I suggested that he go to work today, since the sitter was on her way and he take tomorrow off instead thinking that at least if he had tomorrow off work I would be able to work and not lose yet another day of my leave.

I was also kind enough to mention that if I were to be unwell it would still involve me getting the kids to and from wherever they needed to be, making sure that there was food ready for dinner and even cleaning up a little.  Often I go in to work because I am already half way there when I drop the kids off so it is just as easy to keep on going and getting things done.  The one time I have been sick enough to need a house of peace and quiet I had to share it with and infectious girl-child who had far too much energy.  

Anyway, I digress.  Man-child has man flu and the world must stop.  He must rest and recuperate for today is Thursday, tonight is Thursday Night Poker Night.  When I left for work, shortly after warning the sitter that he was still at home I could at least be thankful that he had already wandered downstairs and was wearing a pair of jeans and a tshirt.  At least I could relax knowing that a 15 year old girl wouldn’t be traumatised by the sight of him wandering the house in his boxers. 

Knowing that he was at home, I opted to stay at work later than usual to make up for all the time I have spent away from the office this week.  I knew that the sitter’s dad was picking her up when he finished work so I didn’t need to rush home.  I also knew that by staying later at work, nothing would be organised for dinner.  I suggested that we go out for dinner and had him make a booking for us.  Of course the booking had to be super early to allow for us to be fed and home with the kids in bed before Thursday Night Poker Night but that is OK, I didn’t have to cook!

You can imagine how pleased I was when I walked in from a long day at work with no time for a lunch break and only a quick stop for a ‘work delivered hot chocolate’ (thanks E!) to see him sitting up at the table with the sitters dad enjoying a beer.  I guess that was to be expected, they are both blokey beer type guys, I guess what really bugged me was that he mentioned he was feeling well enough to go and see Transformers 2 at IMAX!   No more man flu sympathy for you man-child.  If you are too sick too go to work, you are too sick to have fun!  


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3 responses to “Man Flu Strikes Again

  1. Ali

    July 2, 2009 at 11:26 pm

    Ooh I would be very dark about that. Manchild should be doing some serious sucking up right about now.

  2. man-child

    July 4, 2009 at 10:59 am

    man flu is an evil morning disease that misteriously clears up around lunch time.

    it can only be cured by watching films with large robots….hmmm….this argument won;t work..

    I suspect I may have destroyed any chance of further sympathy..

  3. Leiani

    July 4, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    We also have baby flu in this house at the moment, similar to Man flu, but affects the smallest and cutest members of the family.
    Luckily being so cute, one can forgive the neediness, the being sneezed on and the being held 24/7.
    Not so forgiving for those suffering Man Flu, I just sent him off to work with a kiss blown his way from afar. Suck it up and get on with it Husband, I have a sick baby to worry about!


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