Pick Ups

30 Jun

A quiet evening at home after a longish day at work and it was finally time to catch up on the blogs that for some reason don’t stick in my reader, despite adding them over and over and over again.  It bugs me that they won’t stay in my reader as there is always something great to read.

After reading about the Kay’s favourite pick-up lines over at her blog and then her suggestion that people leave their favourite pick-up lines in the comment section, it got me thinking about the best pickup line I have ever experienced.  It was too long to mention in a comment section so here I am writing a post about it instead.  

Now I need to set the scene.  I was 17 or almost 18 and had just moved to Melbourne to study.  I was boarding with a family who lived near the college I was attending.  Now the head of the family was a single mother who was dating a man who lived in the country.  He coached and played in the local football team in the town where he lived.  She went to every game to watch him play and often I would go along for the drive and to spend a relaxing afternoon in the country.

Now the day of the fantastic pickup line was one of those days.  The football team were playing at a different ground, a ground that was in the middle of a state forest, surrounded by majestic trees and deliciously fresh aromas of the Aussie bush.  Needless to say the  footy match was uninteresting but area was beautiful.  I was perched on the bonnet of the car with a book in hand enjoying the autumn sunshine, oblivious to the world.  

All of a sudden there was another body leaning up against the car.  I glanced up and saw someone I had never seen before looking at me.  He started talking to me, just general small talk about the weather, nothing exciting.  We chatted for a minute or so with the conversation going something like this…

Him, “Gee isn’t this a very picture-skew area?”

Me, thinking briefly, wondering if I had been wrong in my understanding of language for all of these years eventually asked, “Isn’t it picturesque?” 

Him, “mumble, grumble, gah” before wandering off hanging his head, never to be seen again.

Now whenever I am in a particularly beautiful location I have the urge to comment on how ‘picture-skew’ the location is.  


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3 responses to “Pick Ups

  1. Ali

    July 1, 2009 at 1:19 am

    That’s gorgeous. Poor guy. I would have kept saying it too.

  2. Kay

    July 1, 2009 at 7:16 am

    Poor guy indeed.

    I should write a list of pick up lines that worked on me because I have a soft heart… I have a weakness for the nerdy fumbeling types… which is prolly why the blatent come ons that I get so often just drive me nuts.

  3. Ashlea

    July 2, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    Aww that poor guy! What a pick up tho.. It must have been good to remember it after all this time 🙂

    haha! picture – skew.


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