Back Again and Feeling Refreshed

19 Jun

So I have been away for a while now with lots to update but I will leave that for another time.  Instead I will tell you the story of a great day – TODAY.

The day starts off not unlike any other; the sounds of the kids playing filter up the stairs before the sun has risen.  A quick shout down the stairs from the comfort of my toasty warm bed reminds them that it isn’t wake up time until 7am.  Surprisingly they both retreat back to their own rooms and quietness engulfs the house again.  The geriatric cat had climbed off my head as I shouted and I had the ability to roll over and go back to sleep for an extra sleep cycle without the noise of her incessant washing.  I wandered downstairs much later to find the kids dressed ready for school having already eaten their breakfast.  (Did I mention my kids rock?)  With only a little prompting teeth were brushed and readers were read.  Soon lunches were packed and we were all ready to go out into the world for the day.

The walk to school was meandering, entertaining and involved much discussion about whether a mummy or a zombie would live in an empty cardboard box and what would be the best halloween costume; a zombie or a pokemon?  (Pokemon won the vote 2:0)  

Finally we made it to school as the music began to signify it was almost time for the school day to begin.  Girl-child, anxious to get into her class line before the bell rang, ran off.  She tripped over on the asphalt and grazed both her hands and also her knee and elbow.  Before I even had a chance to run to her, her buddy ran to her, helped her up and gave her a hug.  There were a few tears but she still made it into her class line with no further mishaps and was happy to start the day.

I left both kids happy at school (no mean feat in itself) and wandered over to catch up with a friend T who had arrived from NZ last night.  This is the same friend who when she found out just how craptastic the start to the year had been for me, booked me in for an aromatherapy facial in the city.  Well today was the day.

Our appointments weren’t until noon so we started off the day by wandering down to Racecourse Road to get not just a hot chocolate, but one of the best hot chocolates ever.  With our steaming chocolates in hand we set off on a stroll towards the city.  We stopped on the way to have a look at a shoe factory outlet.  I found a new pair of slippers that I hope to go back and buy when I don’t have to carry them around all day.  My friend found a gorgeous pair of ballet slippers that she can wear here and still be able to pack to take back with her as they are so tiny and lightweight.  We continued wandering into town, chatting easily and enjoying the beautiful sunshine and blue skies of a not so cold winters day.  

We arrived in the city in plenty of time so made a detour to get a delicious juice to keep us energised.  Finally it was noon, the time of bliss was upon us.  

For an hour an a half, my face and neck were scrubbed, cleansed, exfoliated, masked and massaged.  It didn’t stop there.  As the masks were doing their maskey goodness my arms and legs were massaged.  It was a blissful time that passed far too quickly.  We both could have stayed there all day, relaxing and enjoying the pampering but all of that walking followed by all of that relaxing was exhausting and we were both famished so it was time for some lunch.

We wandered through Melbourne Central and over to GPO to get some udon noodles.  My time in the city was rapidly coming to an end, I had to head back to collect the kids from school and T had some more time to reacquaint herself with the city she once called home.

Fortunately I had no public transport dramas today and was back at school minutes before the bell sounded for the end of the day.  Boy-child had arranged to go to a friends house so it was just the girls heading home to get ready for soccer.  

Girl-child wasn’t terribly pleased about the prospect of having to go to soccer training (she doesn’t actually play) but was appeased when she saw treats in the snack bag I had packed.  We arrived at soccer and set up.  We were on time but almost everyone else was late.  That didn’t matter, the sun was shining and it was great to be outside.  When the other players turned up, girl-child was happy to have someone to share her picnic with, someone who also had no intentions of playing soccer.  

It was our final soccer session for the winter and we played until it was too dark to see each other or the ball.  We made plans to start training again when the days are longer and we can stay out later and headed home.  

Boy-child had had a great time at his friends house and made further plans for an upcoming sleep over.  I am just happy that he is fitting in better at school and making friends again.  

Dinner was uneventful and since no-one had immediate plans we decided to have a soak in the hot tub.  Man-child was waiting for a delivery so I jumped in with the kids.  We soaked away for ages playing ‘pass the story’ and invented a story about John the king of the Britains, his dog Boris, cat Scruffy Licia and emu Mr Pickles and all of their adventures.  When story time in the tub was over, the kids climbed out of the water and into their jammies.  I had no such luxury, I had to put sports gear back on ready for netball.

Despite the lack of motivation to go out to play sport at 8.45pm, we had a great game.  It was competitive, hard fought, aggressive without being angry and surprisingly a lot of fun.  To top things off we actually won.  

That pretty much brings me up to now, it is almost time for bed.  I am feeling good.  I have actually had time to catch up reading a few more blogs that I have been missing as well as catching up superRelish.  The house is kind of tidy, I don’t have to work tomorrow and I have plans to sit around all evening with friends watching So You Think You Can Dance.  One great day blending into another.  I am really starting to love this life!

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One response to “Back Again and Feeling Refreshed

  1. Ali

    June 19, 2009 at 12:41 am

    Sounds like a lovely day!


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