Moving On

02 Jun

***So this was the post that I had written yesterday and forgot to publish.  It may be a day late but it is still relevant.  Things ARE great!***

Well the list of reasons why today should have been a bad day is extensive.  It includes having to sit through an ‘oh-no-it’s-swine-flu’ meeting, leaving my phone in the office (but not my office, a colleagues office in a different suburb), missing the train, catching the wrong train in a hurry and being super late to pick the kids up from school.  Last week any one of those things would have pissed me off, but not today.  I have moved on from letting everything getting me down and drive me insane.  It is a new month, a new season and things are looking good.  Despite all the crazy in our world of late, we are actually closer together as a family than ever before.  We are all enjoying each others company and seem to actually like each other!  The world is a wonderful place and I am happy to sit back and enjoy life as best I can.  It shouldn’t be too hard, there are so many things to be excited about.

The love of my Lil Sis’s life arrives later this week.  I need to work out some time to get over to her place and finish the painting and do a spot of decorating to help her to spruce up her apartment ready for them to go out and buy baby furniture.  I had planned having much more time to spend with lil sis, just hanging out but all of a sudden I am out of time.  It isn’t that we won’t get to spend much time together it will be just be different, new and exciting.

As a result of her concerns that she won’t have much time to spend with us as a result of her expanding waistline and preoccupation with her pommy boy she wanted to do something extra special for us so last Sunday we all went to see Wicked.  The show was fantastic, again.  Girl-child, lil sis and I have all seen the show before and loved it so much wanted to see it again.  I think I spent more time during the show watching the kids enjoy the show than I did actually watching the show. 

Not that the people sitting around us in the theatre would ever be reading this, but just in case they do, I sincerely appologise about the discussions that were held in semi-hushed tones during the show.  As expected, boy-child did freak out at all of the noise and wanted reassurance that the show was make believe, then he was happy to dance in his seat.  Having already seen the show and a regular listener to the soundtrack, girl-child sang along to many of the songs!

An unexpected outcome of going to the show is that boy-child wants to go back to dance class.  I have really enjoyed not having to run to after school activities this term, but I really miss knowing that they are both doing an activity that they love and can widen their horizons.  It will also give us te opportunity to try the new dance studio in the area.  And to top off the dancey goodness, So You Think You Can Dance (the US show) will be back on TV in less than 2 weeks so I don’t need to find time to watch it online.

Other good things, hmmm well I have a few bloggy like awards and meme’s that I should respond to at some stage but they are really worth of posts of their own.  Oh and to use a phrase that I have heard/seen online quite a bit lately ‘heart friend’ – a person who shares your heart,a friend who you have met online and with whom you love and want to know in real life.  I have also found out that I am going to meet a heart friend.  Only last week I had realised that I may never get to meet my heart friends and less than 24 hours later I received an email to let me know that a heart friend in New Zealand is going to be able to fly to Melbourne next month.  She is an amazing woman and will be in town with her family and I will get time to meet them – hooray.

As the title of this post says – Moving On, I am moving on from being dragged down by everything that happens.  I am going to enjoy all the great things around me, my wonderful family and my friends.

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